Lego Star Wars TV Episodes

All TV episodes and specials, except for Revenge Of The Brick, The Freemaker Adventures and Droid Tales

The Top Ten Lego Star Wars TV Episodes

1 Yoda Chronicles: Attack Of The Jedi

After the plan to clone Jek 14 fails, the Sith open an academy on Mustafar to train their own Badawans. But when the Republic discovers and plans an attack, Chancellor Palpatine does everything he can to sabotage the mission - opinionated4

2 Yoda Chronicles: The Phantom Clone

When the Separtists plot to create a Sith clone, it is up to Yoda and Mace Windu to stop them - opinionated4

3 New Yoda Chronicles: Escape From The Jedi Temple

When Obi Wan Kenobi realizes he needs the holocrons to someday train Luke Skywalker, he forms a classic band of heroes to recover them from the Jedi Temple - opinionated4

4 Yoda Chronicles: Menace Of The Sith

After a conflict on Geonosis, JEK-14 decides not to take part in the Darth Sidious's plans, resulting in a galaxy wide search for him - opinionated4

5 New Yoda Chronicles: Clash Of The Skywalkers

When Luke Skywalker accidentally reveals the location of the Rebel base on Mustafar, he must face Darth Vader in a consequential showdown to allow his friends to escape the Empire - opinionated4

6 The Empire Strikes Out

In this episode, Darth Vader squabbles with Darth Maul to be Emperor Palpatine's favorite, while the Rebels find trouble preparing for an assault on Naboo - opinionated4

7 New Yoda Chronicles: Race For The Holocrons

After Luke Skywalker senses the holcrons on Tattoine, he travels there to uncover them. However, Darth Vader is in hot pursuit - opinionated4

8 New Yoda Chronicles: Raid On Coruscant

After a devastating attack on Tattoine, the Rebels attack Emperor Palpatine on Coruscant in hopes of locating the holocrons - opinionated4

9 The Padawan Menace

The first episode to be in full length, it features many inside inside jokes from all Star Wars films, and even stars Han Solo as a child and a George Lucas minifigure - opinionated4

10 Bombad Bounty

The sequel to the not so popular The Quest For R2-D2, Bombad Bounty stars Boba Fett and Jar Jar Binks as they play homage to many films - opinionated4

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