Top 10 Things Americans Aren't Ready to Hear

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1 The US is not the freest country in the world. In fact, it's far from that.

Slavery, discrimination, overturning Roe v. Wade, the actions of COINTELPRO, the government wanting to ban TikTok because they don't have a say with it, Project 2025 if Trump wins, and gay marriage is immediately going to be on thin ice if Republicans win this year. I could go all day with examples for why this is the number-one spot.

I'm sure a bunch of amendments are broken by Project 2025 if it passes.

2 Americans' attitude towards guns is toxic and gets people killed.

I'm not talking about the laws. I'm talking about the attitude, as there are countries that have far lower rates of gun crime despite having similar gun laws to the US. But hey, the Second Amendment, right?

Easy solution here. House to house, no warrant, no knock searches and confiscation. Any evidence of additional crimes, such as stolen goods, drugs, etc., can just be added in.

And the government does nothing about the mental health or worse, enables it.

3 You need more than two political parties for democracy to work.

Actually we don't need any political parties. George Washington proved that. We just need leaders that if they go out of line with what the majority wants, we cancel them and they go away.

The two-party system puts the entire country in danger of a civil war. Both parties only serve themselves and the elites. It's all a show.

4 College and healthcare shouldn't drain your entire savings account.

There's no reason kids should have to take out predatory loans and force themselves into tons of debt just to go to school. Profit-based healthcare isn't it.

5 Tipping culture is a scam.

Businesses should be paying their employees a living wage, and if you can't afford to pay your employees enough so they can get by, you shouldn't be running a business in the first place.

6 In the words of Tupac, "They got money for wars, but they can't feed the poor."

Now, this one doesn't only apply to the US, but the US is the best example for this quote. We spend so much on the military and wars, and we send so much money to countries like Ukraine and Israel. Yet apparently, we don't have enough to fix issues at home?

This also works for a System of a Down song.

7 A lot of Americans complain when student debt forgiveness is even talked about, yet turn a blind eye when rich people get debt forgiveness, subsidies, and bailouts.

Because apparently those rich people are "celebrities" and have made super duper names for themselves, so they don't have to worry about poorness. Being a celebrity shouldn't mean you are to be universally liked and forever rich.

The same people who complain about student debt forgiveness are the same people who said nothing when banks were bailed out despite causing the 2008 recession.

8 Stop confusing socialism with communism and fascism.

Go to certain European countries and tell those happy and healthy people enjoying their paid vacation that their system of government is "evil," as what many Americans claim socialism to be. It won't be hard for those citizens to figure out that the people calling their system of government evil are Americans.

If Adolf Hitler reincarnated in the United States of America today, he'd vastly prefer the right wing. Also, he was never a socialist. I'm sick of the lies.

What we have right now is cronyism. The rich help the rich and abandon and gaslight the poor.

9 The Pledge of Allegiance is outdated and creepy.

It's something only countries like North Korea would have. The Pledge of Allegiance is stupid, and kids shouldn't be forced to do it.

10 Your education system is far worse than you think.

Can confirm, once again, the only things kids care about nowadays are three things:

- Electronics in the classroom (so they can play games all day)
- Making new friends

The system spoils the children, not the teachers or staff. Maybe they need that free breakfast, or maybe the system needs to fix itself so that free breakfast is not the one thing students care about most.

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11 America has great armory but can't stop a war.

They would vouch for wars overseas as long as the conflict is kept outside the country, but doing this is basically poking a bear. I swear Russia will end up attacking American soil in the worst possible way imaginable and the American government will go schizophrenic about it.

12 The number of hours you work isn’t something to brag about.

This is true. Boomers especially love to brag about working 60+ hours a week like it's an accomplishment or something. The worst thing is that they think it's okay to call millennials and Gen Z lazy just because we want to have a healthy work/life balance.

This is technically bragging about how much of a dull failure someone is at their life.

You're just bragging about being exploited. Stop it. It's depressing.

13 Having your national flag everywhere is ridiculous.
14 It is too expensive to call an ambulance.
15 The rest of the world knows how to make public bathroom stalls that you can't see between. Why doesn't the US?

Definitely don't use public restrooms no matter what. Creeps, molesters, and voyeurs are immediately let go and receive no punishment from the court system.

The US is allergic to the word "privacy," it seems. But then again, always avoid using public restrooms at all if you can help it.

16 You’re very loud as tourists.

American tourists receive lifetime bans for destroying beautiful destinations

17 The US has so much wealth yet people die of easily treatable health problems because they can’t afford to go to the doctor.
18 The US is a great place to be born rich and/or have connections, and a terrible place to be poor.

Rich privilege. The poor work their butts off and get only a fraction of what rich people who do nothing and don't have to worry.

The USA has the fattest poor people in the world.

19 Your favorite food brands make better versions of their products outside of the US

The US government allows food companies to put whatever cheap, fake, artificial ingredients they want in their food products. Even if said ingredients can make you sick or even kill you if symptoms are severe, Americans are forced to get the short end of the stick because of these food companies.

20 The Founding Fathers are not role models or heroes to look up to and admire
21 No one is jealous of you.
22 You eat too much sugar.
23 South Park shouldn’t be a perfect representation of your country.
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