Top Ten Things You Should Do Wisely

The Top Ten
1 Choose your friends

But it's so hard! I thought my life was planned out with my BFFs, but one started smoking and drugs, the other one uses me, the other one ignores me, and the last one is the only true friend I've got. But she did blow up the electricity in her whole town...

I have only two friends I love and trust. It took me years to figure out who I could properly trust. No, I may not have many friends, but the two I do have are everything to me.

It's safer to get a friend who is either one who has good intentions or one from whom you can get benefits.

2 Spend money

You've just got to do this wisely, or you'll be in financial trouble, and you don't want that.

Especially with credit card money - credit cards can be quite dangerous.

It's best not to spend money on drugs and other useless things.

3 Choose a partner

And then everyone else is with everyone else, so you are stuck with the girl who picks her nose and wipes it on everything.

Well, down at the Double Wide County Annual Hoedown, we usually pick the gal with the most teeth.

I always choose the biggest troublemaker in the certain class I'm in.

4 Drive
5 Speak
6 Eat

Yep, that's my life, especially when it comes to sweets and desserts.

7 Answer a question
8 Listen
9 Think

Yes, think! I don't mean think about just anything, but actually think. Question things, try to find answers, but don't waste your mind!

10 Drink
The Contenders
11 Watch
12 Shop
13 Vote

I vote very carefully, which is why I am voting for Kanye West for 2016.

Can't do it without Kanye!

14 Read
15 Love others
16 Find Your Life Partner

How do you know when you've found them? People say "You just know," but how? What if you never ever find them? Or, what if you marry someone you THINK is supposed to be your life partner when all the time, the person you're supposed to be with is still out there somewhere, waiting for you? How will we ever know?

17 Trusting Others
18 Post lists, comments
19 Reproduce
20 Parent
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