List of the Amazing World of Gumball Episodes Which Should Be Created


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41 The Sneaker

Based on the video game, Metal Gear Solid. Everyone is Elmore is roleplaying the game, Metal Equipment Solid. - MeeMeeCandy777

42 The Universe (Steven Universe crossover)
43 The Cash Cow

The Wattersons destroy Hello Kitty. - 445956

44 The Cuss

After accidentally sending a message with a cuss to Penny he tried to talk Penny out of seeing it - toptenforlife

45 The Eclipse

There is a solar eclipse and everyone in Elmore is going to see it. - toptenforlife

46 The Germans

A new German family become the neighbors of the Wattersons. Due to them wanting to make new friends and learn new languages. Richard and Nicole make the children play with them. However they don't have much in common with the family. - toptenforlife

47 The Super Death

After reading a comic book where superhero Tarantula Man died. Darwin begged the creator to change to storyline of the book. But it going to be hard to tricked them, since once the writers make a decision. They sticked with it. - toptenforlife

48 The Rabbits

Basically after realizing they haven't spending that much time with each other. Richard begins to go on a trip with Anais. However they don't have much in common other they're species and color. Will they have fun? Or will their differences ruin the trip? - toptenforlife

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