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1 Swag

Hate this phrase! Whatever happened to pointing out someone's confidence or coolness, not swag? It sounds stupid and is one of the most irritating words in the English language. With this and YOLO being really popular words nowadays, it makes me think that perhaps Newspeak isn't such a bad idea after all.

Swag - Merriam Webster Definition
- an idiotic word that makes an idiot sound more foolish
- illegal loot

Make this word illegal! We teens don't have swag, we have homework! And swag doesn't mean you smoke weed like a hillbilly jackass! Set your damn priorities straight!

This word died out in late 2013. It's almost the end of February 2017 now.

Tell me about it. Every guy in my school says swag


I'm in the auditorium in school and the teachers are explaining something. All of a sudden this kid gets up screaming YOLO half way through!

You made this word popular and have dumbed down the English language in the process.

Dumbest slang word ever. So glad that it's popularity decreased over the years.

In the bus line, one bus was leaving and some kid wrote YOLO on it... it was creepy.


Use it in texts! Not in real life conversation because and Oh My God both have the same syllables!

Every word in "Oh my God" is one syllable. So saying is not an abbreviation.

4 What does the fox say?

On youtube I saw something with Something like this: How do you feel about What does fox say. I say It's annoing which I also don't get it.

Especially all the "Tails reacts to What Does The Fox Say"s floating around.

I know what it says. It says shut up and stop asking me this annoying question!

Everyone at my school is saying this. I think it's funny though.

5 Hashtag

Look. The hashtag is pretty much everywhere. You see it on ads for backpacks, bowling places, restaurants, drinks, and news sites. You also see it on protests, organizations, and meme contests. I'm also starting to notice that even merchandise for children are getting into the act. When people try to say like for example, "#whatever," it makes people feel unsure about if the person is being obsessed with social media. This is especially if the person saying hashtags is a girl. We need to get rid of the hashtag. It's resutling in public fatigue.

Instagram and Twitter (but mostly instagram) are turning "cool" people into narcissists with all the selfies that they take. Hashtag is what started all of this commotion and they're pointless! For example, #PeopleAreSoAnnnoying can be said as people are so annoying. Get a life because hashtag isn't one!

To be honest this is more annoying than swag and YOLO combined. I have never liked it as hashtag once. I preferred it as a symbol for number. In fifth grade my elementary school PE teacher was obsessed with hashtags. So our field day theme was oh yes hashtags. Argh this hashtag craze drives me bonkers.

The Roblox chat system forces them into every sentence, giving this symbol a whole new meaning for us Roblox fans..


It makes sense if said online where you can't actually hear someone literally say it in person. Saying this in person is annoying, though.

It is brutally annoying. It turns me off in a conversation. I just usually ignore them because they sound not so intelligent.

Boy, do I hate that abbreviation? In fact, I loathe it because its fanatical support for humor. And I'm not a humorous person. Hell, I hate funny things and people.

If I have my own website and I notice "LOL" posted on it, I'd delete it and ban whoever posted it.

The worst is when someone actually uses this in a face to face conversation.

7 Your mom

Random user on YouTube: Who made YouTube?
The annoying user: Your mom!
Random user on YouTube: Thanks! I'll go tell my mom!
(Goes to mom)
Random user on YouTube: Mom, did you make Youtube?
Random user on Youtube's mom: No, I don't even know what this "YouTube" is.

People say this all the time. Here is something they say: "Bill Nye, your moms a guy! " Or when you ask a question like Who? They say your mom. That's getting old.

What is the actual point and meaning of this. And what if someone's mom is dead? Who ever started this is gonna slowly start an anarchy

A phrase so passé and clichéd that it makes some of the other things on this list look far less cringey. It has no wit and isn't even a clever insult. It's only appeal is to idiots who wouldn't know intelligence or wit if it punched them in the face. Or rather if their mom did. Lame.

8 Shut the front door

Old peeps are always saying this when they try to be funny. Plus, people try to make an unfunny joke out of this when a door is open.

I'm getting quite bored of this joke. It's crap and it's not even good.

9 Beast Mode

This is a 2005 word.

10 Your Face

Your face is annoying.

Yeah whenever people say like the word ugly in a sentence they're like you're face :///

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11 That's what she said

I personally don't think this is funny, but you have to understand the context and meaning of the joke to be able to get it.

Funny at first, but now is so overused that even AIDS is arguably much funnier than this.

But "The Office" made it ironically funny again.

12 Bae

I had no idea what this word meant at first, and got berated by my sister for it for a while, firstly because she thought I was joking and then because she was shocked I didn't know. Quite frankly, it's an idiotic turn of phrase that is short for friend or lover, but is clearly designed for people who find those words too hard to say. And if it is Danish for poop, how fitting because it is a stain on the English language.

I've never liked this word either. I never even knew what it meant until now. Poop in Danish. Really?! I mean this word in trends probably means something else, but really why does it exist?

It's short for babe, and babe is already a short word! What's the point?!

"Bae" actually means poop in Danish.

13 Lit

You know what needs to be lit now? Those pants you're wearing, let me get a match.

I still say this

14 Anotha One

Aaaand anotha one! And anotha one!
Nobody at my school will stop saying this! AGH!

Ruins dj khaled for me

15 Drip

Stupid annoying. In my opinion (Are we clear on that?), nobody should make a big deal about fashion.

16 Awesome Sauce

The only people who say this are 20 year olds trying to stay hip and stylish.

I don't think this is a cool thing to say I just like saying it.

17 Word
18 Rad

It's not frequently used these days.

No one says "rad" anymore.

19 Kill Yourself

It's still a terrible thing to say, even if it's cliched.

20 Boii

I still say this

21 Hooplah!

This comes from Rocky Horror Picture Show and it's "Equal" Shock Treatment, so it's cool, to us.

Yes this is cool. It's from Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment. So it's cool.

SpongeBob and Peppa Pig anyone? (That lil fish and Daddy Pig said that)

I haven't heard anyone around me say this.

22 Hiss
23 Yeet

What does it even mean?

24 Selfie

Annoying and Steals Your Privacy. What Have You Done Social Media! Now Hackers can Ruin your life if they wanted to! Thanks! :P

Anyone else noticed people trying to look like they are taking selfies but they take stalker-ish pictures of strangers?

I don't understand why people like taking pictures of themselves so much.

They'll always be self-portraits to me. As it should be.

25 Brah

Try saying this consistently to someone you hate, and it will drive them insane!

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