Top 10 Things to Buy If You're a Billionaire

They say money can't buy happiness, but is that so?
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1 Private Jet

Yes, I wouldn't mind this. But no amount of money can buy the nicest things: love, friendship, contentment, etc.

I definitely want one of those. And seven more.

Yes, even though I'd probably never use it. I could just give it to my uncle and aunt for Christmas. Wish I could say that, but I'm not rich.

2 Massive Real Estate

I would have lots of vacation homes scattered all over NYC, LA, San Francisco, Orlando, and Vegas. Each home would be available for rent, costing $200-500 per night. They would all have plenty of amenities.

I have a big house myself, and it is professionally designed, but nobody in Kostrzyn has much of a yard.

You need to show that you have money!

3 Supercar Collection

If you enjoy looking at pictures of cars for hours (e.g., me), this would be amazing. What could be better than owning million-dollar cars, some old and some new?

4 Mansion

Every billionaire needs a mansion. It's like having a money room in that CoD BO2 multiplayer map - I forget the name, but it's the one with the basketball court, you know?

I would have dog suites, a pool, spa, game room, and much more!

Then I could move out of this little house! I'd get a really big one so Grandma could move in! My family would be so happy.

5 Your Own City
6 Hover Board
7 Yacht
8 Billionaire Wardrobe

Yeah, who wouldn't want a nice wardrobe and have swag in everything they wear?

9 Tropical Island

It better have houses. You can turn it into a resort and earn much more money.

Just imagine having your own tropical island with palm trees and coconuts!

10 Food

Everything a poor country grows, I take.

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11 Racetrack

A supercar collection would be useless if you don't have a racetrack to drive them around!

Where else are you going to use that impressive supercar collection? Motorhead for life.

12 Bond Villain Style Base

Ooh, yes! I definitely want one of these. Whether disguised as a volcano, in an underwater trench between two tectonic plates, or in a crevasse on Ganymede, I'd certainly get this.

This could be so cool! I would make it underground or in a cave and include one of those high-backed chairs.

13 Private Zip-Line

And I could fall off into my 100-degree lake in the winter!

It seems fun. We could have so much fun!

14 Personal Submarine
15 Speedboat

A speedboat goes super fast. Boom.

16 Helicopter
17 Jet Ski
18 Personal Chef

I need this in my life. Can a billionaire please just give me some money?

19 Gold Plated Statue of Yourself
20 Playboy Mansion
21 Mech Robot
22 Movies

I'd buy a bunch of movies! I love them so much. They're so interesting!

I could get so many movies! I'd buy a lot and try some scary ones!

23 EarthBound
24 A Country

I'm not entirely sure that you can own a country...

25 Models
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