Most Annoying Things About Women

Not trying to hate on women but there are a lot of annoying things that some and I do mean some not all women do that most guys hate, so please no hate comments about the list.
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1 They Never Tell You What They Want

They're so bad about that. It's infuriating. You can ask them what they want to get for dinner and they'll say "I don't know whatever you want" but any restaurant you suggest they will shut down or not be content with.

This is the one thing I hate the most why can't woman ever just tell us men what they want like were suppose to be psychic or something just tell us what you want and we will do it don't play mind games with us.

I sometimes feel like girls want boys to hate themselves and let them be lonely.

2 They Take Too Long to Get Ready

I just put on close and tie my hair into a pony tail in like 3 minutes cause I'm a tomboy unlike those girly asses who hog the bathroom just to apply lipstick!

It doesn't take long for men to get ready but for woman it can take hours.

I do take a long time to get ready but I just want to look good for my man

3 They Get Upset Very Easily

I am autistic and a girl. Apparently, I "loose my temper easily" and "throw tantrums". (My family's words not mine. I'd never say such cruel things about myself. )

I'm a girl but I agree we are annoying. I wish it took more to get me upset.

4 They Complain Too Much
5 They Talk Too Much

Especially during the football game. They need to wait for commercial or until the game is over.

It feels like a lot of the girls at my school just love hearing themselves talk.

I agree some girls, like my sister, NEVER shut up!

6 They Cry a Lot

I don't cry that much cause I'm a tomboy but girly girls cry for small things like breaking a nail or getting a small ass stain on their dress.

What can I say. We're emotional creatures. Is this really how you see women?

I am a girl, and I rarely cry. I guess it's because I am a tomboy, so I dunno, but I hate crying either way

7 They Can Be Total Man Haters
8 They Assume that All Men Want from Them is Sex

I don't believe that men are like that at all. It's just another dumb stereotype made up by paranoid feminists.

I don't. A lot of men are loving, unlike the way in which dumb, cynical feminists portray them.

It's true on both sides. Men are jerks same with women.

9 They're Vindictive

You know the old saying " Hell have no fury like a woman scorned" some woman can stay mad for years and will never let you forget about it.

It's a scientific fact that women are more vindictive and meaner than men.

10 They're Too Uptight
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11 They Shop Too Much
12 Love Guys for Their Money

That's so true why do you think so many young woman marry old rich guys.

They are the reason behind of Sugar Daddies existence. At least they try to keep something alive unlike their regular husbands :D

13 They Try to Make Us Do Things We Don't Want to Do
14 A Lot of Them are Feminists

Apparently sexism is only ever a problem if they're victims. Hypocrites!

Not even a real feminist, most of them use feminism to put man down so they could feel better about themselves

15 They Never Love You as Much
16 They Think Childbirth is More Painful Than Getting Kicked in the Balls

Once, my younger sister kicked my older brother in the balls, she got into a lot of trouble. She wouldn't have kicked him there if she knew how painful it felt like.

Okay, some women can DIE from childbirth. They can have a C-Section, which could kill them, or they could go the hard way and die. It's risk for reward for risk.

I would love to kick you in you whole damn penis for saying that it does hurt

17 They Treat Men Like Pigs
18 PMS
19 They are Obsessed with Stupid Stuff
20 They're Obsessed with Diets

I don't see how that's a bad thing. Being overweight or obese is unhealthy. I don't want to get diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol levels.

21 They Gossip
22 They Cheat on You
23 They are Bossy
24 They Play the Victim
25 They are Passive Aggressive
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