Top Ten Benefits of Addicting Things

Obviously, something addicting usually isn’t very good for you. Smoking is a huge cause of cancer and heart disease, alcohol can lead to big problems, and more harmless addictions like coffee are even a problem because you become completely dependent on it. Surprisingly, there are actually some big benefits to even the worst, most addicting things. Please note that just because I put smoking or other things that are known to not be great for your health on here, does not mean they are good. SMOKING IS BAD. This list is made just for fun. It is not healthy to smoke, or drink alcohol, or get addicted to fattening foods, even if they have small benefits. A higher resistance to Parkinson’s disease does not outweigh a shorter life expectancy and a much higher risk of cancer, heart disease, and more. Don’t take the info on this list too seriously. As always, if you think something that’s not on the list should be, feel free to add it. Thanks, Sloth21. Hope you enjoy!
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1 Smoking lowers risk of Parkinson’s disease

Very surprisingly, smoking, while it causes horrible other things, lowers risk of Parkinson's disease. I don't get the science behind this, but studies show it's true. Cool?

2 Video games improve coordination and memory

Video games is an interesting case. Contrary to other addicting things, the benefits ALMOST outweigh the positives. Video games not only improve coordination and memory, they improve attention span, problem solving skills, multi-tasking skills, social skills, and brain function. That's a lot of good things.

Depends on what type of game you are playing. If the game you're playing doesn't encourage any kind of brain stimulation such as critical thought or logical thinking then it's not going to benefit you in any way.

3 Alcohol reduces risk of getting heart disease and dying from it

Not only does it reduce risk of getting heart disease, it reduces risk of dying from it if you somehow do contract it.

4 Chocolate can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure

Ah, chocolate. Not as addictive, but it can certainly be addicting. Chocolate, apparently, can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, though it's more effective when it comes to dark chocolate.

I usually find that dark chocolate helps to calm my nerves when I need it.

5 Drugs can save lives

The point of drugs, naturally, is to heal people, allow them to sleep when they can't. It's a stronger form of medicine. It saves lives. It's when you get addicted to them, or use it when you don't need it because it makes you feel better, then it becomes a problem.

6 Coffee can help you burn fat and make you smarter

Surprisingly, coffee can help you burn fat and make you smarter, in addition to the other benefits.

Coffee helped me on my constipation along with prunes.

Coffee can also be good if you want to stay awake.

7 Moderate alcohol consumption can improve the circulatory system

Notice I said moderate. If you have a small addiction, like one glass every two days at most, studies show that it can actually improve the circulatory system, which is the system that keeps blood flowing throughout your body.

8 Chocolate can reduce stress and boost brain function

Of course, most types of food are good for reducing stress, but chocolate is more effective than others. It also releases dopamine and endorphins into your brain, which can not only make you happier and more energetic, it can also boost brain function.

9 Sex provides health benefits to your skin, the increased blood flow and reduced hormone levels you get through intercourse give you a better complexion
10 Smoking lowers risk of obesity

This one makes more sense to me than the Parkinson's disease one. It is an enormous appetite suppressant, which means it stops you from being hungry. Of course, you can still become obese, but it's less likely.

On the flip side then it probably also increases the risk of being under weight.

The Contenders
11 Movies increase social skills

Depends on the type of movie. I can't buy this claim however the only way to increase your social skills is just to engage on conversations.

12 Fast food gives you the option to eat something instead of skipping a meal

Sloth21, at least you're eating something at all. Junk food is better than No Food.

Well, I suppose, but fast food still isn't a very good health choice.

13 Coffee makes you more energetic

The last item on this list may seem like a pretty obvious one, but it still deserves a place on here.

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