Top 10 Everyday Metal Items Made From Iron

Iron, it's used in stuff. We don't really pay attention when we use iron, but what if I told you that you are using daily items that have iron in it right now. Hi, I'm Pnut, and today I'll be telling you the Top 10 Everyday Metal Items Made From Iron.
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1 Home Appliances

There are some metal items made of iron in your house right now. These are some of the items I'm talking about. Refrigerators and even a toaster, which can help you cook and store food. These can also include, sinks, stoves, dishwashers, and a laundry machine too. All of these are made of stainless steel, which is made of 98% iron. The steel is heat resistant and strong, so when you add chromium, it prevents the iron from corroding.

Iron toasters, sinks, stoves, etc.

My home iron using tool

2 Cutlery & Cookware

You've been in a kitchen before right? Well, you probably have why wouldn't you be? The kitchen is full of metal products in it. These include utensils such as knives, forks, and spoons. These also include steel pots and pans. Or, you might've used and cast iron skillet before in your life. There's even some people who carry a steel water bottle around. These items can be easy to clean and last for a very long time.

3 Hammers

So hammers, they are quite helpful. They are also made of iron too. Hammers are made of high carboned steel which is for strength and durability. Back in the olden days, hammers were made of iron because of the weight being heavy. Nails were also made because of this. For strength.

4 Magnets

Magnets are an important part in the metal community, and they are pretty much everywhere around the world. It can used on your smartphone and also on your car. And they can't work without iron. When free electrons are exposed to a magnetic field, they will align, polarize, and retain permanent magnetic properties inside iron atoms.

5 Automotive Parts

I don't have a vehicle yet, sadly. But I do have the rights to talk about the relations of automotive parts and iron. So, the vehicle you have is primarily made of steel. On an vehicle, the average for the amount of steel to make a car or truck is 900 kilograms to make a truck or car. Some things that are made of iron are body panels, hinges, and engine blocks.

6 Barbecue Grills

If you have a barbecue grill or smoker, then it is also made of iron too. Any types of grills which include, cast iron charcoal, stainless steel gas, and enameled cast iron kamado, are all made of iron. Because of it conducting heat very well, iron can be an ideal material for people that cook outdoors.

7 Gym Equipment

Have you ever gone to the gym? It's actually very good for you. Not gonna lie. So, when you lift the equipment, you are kind of lifting iron. And when you are pumping blood, you are also pumping iron as well. The bench press bar, the weight plates, and the machines are all made of iron and steel.

8 Plumbing

So, you might be thinking "Pnut, how could plumbing have iron in it?", well I'll show you. So even if you don't think about plumbing often, it is actually an everyday item that has iron in it. The pipes in plumbing have iron and steel under a rust resistant zinc coating. You also use it when you brush your teeth or flush a toilet. Yep.

9 Bicycle Locks

If you sometimes ride by bike, you might have a lock that is made of metal. The strongest locks are made of steel that is hardened and laminated that can withstand very extreme pressure along with very extreme temperatures.

10 Phones
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11 Nails

Like hammers, nails were also made by iron, because of it's strength too. And, as of today right now, most nails around the world are made of steel, which is an iron carbon alloy that is actually even stronger.

12 Studs
13 Pickaxes
14 Fans
15 Doors
16 Jewelry
17 Tool Box
18 Keys
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