Top 10 Weirdest Superstitions

In October, I gave you good and bad luck. So why not some weird to end it?
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1 Stepping in dog poop

Yes, this is a real superstition that came from France. If you step in dog poop with your right foot, you get good luck; if you step in dog poop with your left foot, it's bad luck. Whether you believe this or not, I don't know, but I think we can all agree that stepping in dog poop with either foot is rather gross.

Once I stepped in dog poop and I didn't notice. There was a family walking beside us and I thought they did it. But once we were in the car, me, my sis and my mum knew it was one of us. So we looked at the bottom of our shoes before we entered the house. Turns out it was me.

I must be the luckiest unluckiest, or the unluckiest luckiest person alive.

2 Double yolked eggs

Most of these superstitions are all complete nonsense, but this is the weirdest one of them all... Double yolked eggs? Seriously!? I am going to do this and since I am male and a virgin, becoming pregnant with twins would be quite the feat... I would be famous!

As stated on the good luck list I made last month, these mean you will become pregnant with twins.

I've seen these

3 Having a bird poop on you

Not to get all toilet humor-ish, but as gross as it is, if you let a bird do their business on you, (or anything you own), it might help you. You're lucky according to this superstition that originated in Russia. I suspect that it was turned into a meaning of good luck more so out of pity on those who actually have had a bird poop on them, but that doesn't mean it's a normal superstition.

Bruh, once I was at a park and I was pointing up. Next second, a bird pooped right on that finger. Honestly, that bird has ridiculously good aim.

4 Women eating goat meat

Where this one came from (being Rwanda), it is actually illegal for women to consume goat meat for fear that they will grow beards. Since plenty of goats seem to have some facial hair themselves, if you think with the whole, "You are what you eat", logic, it actually makes some sense, but still, way too weird.

Who put a black metal goat on here, take a medal!

5 May dew

For whatever the reason may be, May Morning Dew (or simply "May Dew") was considered sacred by druids, as they thought it could replenish beauty and vitality, or just give them good luck, so this resulted in people using it to cleanse their skin, as the druids probably thought they were equally cleansing their souls and faces alike. This has become less common these days due to products such as botox, but some Scottish women still do this weird ritual.

6 Haircuts on Saturdays

So, this one is of Hindu origin, and in theory, not only would you have to wait for Sunday to get your haircut, but you couldn't get your fingernails or toenails done, either, basically because they feared "Planet Shenai", or what we know as Jupiter.

7 Whistling indoors

If you are whistling a musical tune like from your favorite Broadway show like King and I or Kiss me Kate, it means you are having fun. I love whistling a good song. Plus, you're enjoying yourself with good luck musically.

As ordinary of a habit as this may be, whistling indoors is thought to summon demons.

8 Mirrors facing each other

As cool and psychedelic as this looks, the infinite mirrors are actually a gateway for the devil.

9 Cutting your nails at night

This one comes from Japan, and it's yet another superstition that is a harbinger of death. That could be partly because the instruments that were then the equivalent to clippers could very easily harm you if you were to cut your toenails in the dark. It could also be because of the idea that cutting your toenails actually decreases your lifespan.
(Would you be even remotely surprised if I said I did this? 'Cause I did.)

10 Walking under a ladder
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11 The Number 666

I feel like a complete idiot for submitting this twice on your lists, but I think that atheists, Muslims and so on think we Christians are weird for being afraid of this number. I would have done 665+1 or something, but I don't think that would make the cut. Thanks, admin.

I love this number. One of my favourite songs is number of the beast by iron maiden. It's epic!

It's commonly associated with the devil. Nothing weird whatsoever.

12 Keys on the table

This one is actually kind of disturbing. Putting your keys on the table as a superstition originated in Sweden because prostitutes would indicate their availability by putting their keys on the table. Nobody actually wanted to follow such behavior, so it got dubbed as inappropriate. and the kitchen table is now one place where you won't find your keys, in at least Sweden.

As a Swede myself, I can confirm this superstition to be 100% real. My teacher gave me weird looks when I did it once.

At least this kind of makes sense.

13 Black cats

Okay, before I recap on why they have their bad reps, I just want to say I don't believe it myself.
Coming from me, every superstition is kind of weird, as I don't believe them myself, but black cats are really weird, too. They were thought to be witches taking the form of cats, they are thought to be harbingers of death, should they jump on an ill person's bed, and there is much more, I'm sure. They still don't get adopted as much as other cats (although I had plenty of users and visitors alike testify that they have black cats as pets, last month.)

Unless you think this is good luck this superstition is racist.

14 Sit on your luggage before traveling

Okay, this is true. I actually consulted a Russian (not joking,) and yes, this is a real superstition, although it apparently doesn't necessarily imply exclusively luggage. Sitting on anything is considered good luck.

Russians believe this gives good luck. I don't know why.

15 Putting new shoes on the table

I can understand why putting shoes on the table isn't the most pleasant place but the fact that specifically new shoes are mentioned is odd.

16 Sticking chopsticks straight up
17 Saying "happy birthday" too early
18 Placing two mirrors facing each other
19 Bananas on boats

A popular fishing superstition his, if you're going fishing on a boat, NEVER bring bananas on board, because it's very bad luck.

20 Pouring vodka in a lake

Another fishing superstition has its roots in Ukraine. Some people believe if you put vodka into the lake where you're fishing, it will give you good luck and boost your chances of a catch or three. In Ukraine many people believe in a spirit called Ivan Kupaila, and the vodka is meant to be an offering to him.

21 Human and animal sacrifice
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