Top Ten Most Bizarre Things that Have Fallen from the Sky

Other than the plain old usual rain, there has been occasional reports of such unexpected objects falling from the sky. From fishes, worms, to even more rarer occurrences such as money and golf balls, and some which are unexplained. Here, this list presents the top ten most bizarre objects fallen from the sky, some of them which will put you into a scare.
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1 Meat Occurring in Bath County, Kentucky back in 1876, a shower consisting of masses of red meat fell to the ground when the clock struck between eleven to twelve. This bizarre rain lasted approximately several minutes; although the main cause of this is rather unknown, there has been speculations to what has caused it. Some people suggested that vultures from the sky had been responsible in which they vomited out their food, others however, doubt it. What's even more confusing to them is that they weren't able to precisely identify the type of meat, as it was also speculated as well they were mixtures of beef, bear, horse, lamb, or even more bizarre speculations such as human meat.

I told my brother this, and for some reason, he found it extremely funny. His words: "Ha! Raining meat. Hilarious!" He then walked out of the room.

Imagine if someone's grill was on and a piece of meat landed perfectly on it. "Hey, Josie! Cancel your dinner plans, we're having lamb chops for dinner tonight!"

2 Money Everyone wants money falling from the sky, or you can throw a bunch of money and you can make it "rain" money. Well, it has been turned to a reality. Back in early 2015 in Kuwait, thousands of paper money rained down the streets which halted traffic as people rushed in to pick up the paper money. This bizarre, yet pleasing occurrence lasted for around several minutes, and was worth thousands of dollars (UAE). There was no proper explanation stating the cause of this; nor any person or organization was responsible for this cause.

That would be awesome, but there would also be so much violence and fighting going on.

Yes, you will be very rich if it rained money. Lots of money.

This would really make my day lucky. I wish that could happen.

3 Human Body Parts There has been occurrences of human body parts, or even whole humans falling from the sky from planes such as a stowaway that fell to a garden in London. A similar incident happened in Saudi Arabia, which took place in Jeddah - chunks of human parts fell from the sky creating a gruesome scene which shocked nearby citizens. It is strongly believed that the victim apparently "fell from the plane's landing gear" after he somehow managed to sneak in to the airplane and hide in the bay.

Add this to my nightmare of Chuck Norris swimming through land.

4 Fish This may seen strange at first, but apparently it is a more common occurrence if you live in coastal areas. There has been numerous cases of fish falling down from the sky in multiple countries such as Singapore and in Mexico, along other countries that reside near the coast. There are some explanations regarding why this happens, and it is often caused by either tornadoes and waterspouts picking up a plethora of fish and whirling it in all directions to the ground, and thus making this "bizarre" occurrence happen.

It was most likely birds dropping their food.

5 Golf Balls There was a shower of golf balls back in the streets of Florida, which dated in 1969. Although there was little to no explaining what exactly happened, the possible explanation is that a tornado or waterspout could've possibly picked up golf balls somewhere in a golf course, thus making this really bizarre event happen.

This is what you call golf ball-sized hail.

6 Shark This seems unexpected, right? There have been occasional reports regarding sharks falling from the sky out of nowhere, and often it is blamed to birds dropping their pray from the sky. Back in 2012, a leopard shark was found in the lands on a Californian golf course. Fortunately for the shark, it was saved by a rescuer who had put the shark in a water bucket, then transported back to the ocean.

I don't really like sharks, but I do feel bad for the one that ended up on the Canadian golf course.

Oh, a leopard shark. A big great white shark falling out of the sky would be sick.

Wait. A shark actually fell from the sky before?

7 Blood Blood rain historically was told to be a harbinger of bad omen. One of the most recent cases of blood rain resides on one of the villages on Spain, back around 2015. As the event occurred, speculations had been raised. While blood rain can been seen creepily mysterious by the majority of people, fortunately in this case, this kind of "blood rain" is actually caused by specific algae lingering around raindrops, which tends to exude red pigments when under it's under stress, hence why the water seems to be red.

Actually, in 2001, it rained blood in a small village in India. Actually, that's not blood. It's just red-colored rain.

This incident reminds me of that song Raining Blood by Slayer for some reason.

I don't know where I've heard of blood rain, but I know I've heard about it before.

8 Spiders There has been cases of these strange phenomenon such as raining spiders or also known as "angel hair" from Brazil, to Australia. Surprisingly, raining spiders, along with spider webs is apparently a slightly more common phenomenon to witness compared to the other listings, if you are at least on Australia. The main cause of why this phenomenon happens is "ballooning", which is a technique used by certain species of spiders - as some spiders tend to climb to the highest attitudes, and expel silk as they go towards the ground. The reason why this is seen as uncommon is that we don't see hundreds of thousands, or even millions of spiders ballooning at the same time, and due to the weather changes, this event will more likely occur.

RUN! They might be black widows!

9 Jellyfish Keep in mind this occurrence happened way back in 1894. Back in Bath, England, it has been reported that chunks of jellyfish were falling from the sky. Some speculated that these jellyfish were actually "not jellyfish" and questioned if they really were. Although there were no accurate explanations as to why that happened, it would make a good concept for some creepy story otherwise.

Um, that sounds fishy. Haha, get it?

10 Worms This phenomenon doesn't happen so often, but in the most recent event back in 2015, thousands of worms were raining in Norway; what's even more bizarre is that some of these worms were actually alive. It has been speculated that wind may have picked up the worms that were exposed on the surface and eventually scattered everywhere once they dropped; after all, it's mysterious as to why this happened.
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11 Knifes

There has never been an incident involving multiple knives falling from the sky. However, one bizarre incident in Guangyuan actually happened to an unlucky Chinese man who was taking a walk outside. Suddenly, he felt heavy pressure on his head. It turned out a falling knife stabbed him from above, falling from the balcony of a tall apartment. Fortunately, the man recovered, and no one was held responsible since the wind knocked the knife off the balcony.

12 Meteorite

I am not sure I believe some of these items (this one is obviously true, though).

13 Artificial Satellite

Along with meteorites, artificial satellites are one of the items that make sense compared to other unexpected listings. Most satellites do not fall because they orbit the Earth instead of falling, despite being affected by Earth's gravity due to their orbital velocity.

14 Snakes Snakes are elongated, limbless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes. Like all other squamates, snakes are ectothermic, amniote vertebrates covered in overlapping scales. Many species of snakes have skulls with several more joints than their lizard ancestors, enabling them to swallow prey... read more

Just like the animals in the listings above, tornadoes or severe weather are often the culprits for raining snakes. Raining snakes can be a good concept for a horror plot.

Oh, man. Why? Some snakes are so heavy.

15 Frogs Frogs are a diverse and largely carnivorous group of short-bodied, tailless amphibians composing the order Anura.
16 Pillows
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