Top Ten Worst Things to Be the God or Goddess Of

Admit it, everyone would love to be a god. You could snap your fingers and have all your problems go away, wriggle your toes and cause all the people in Alaska to exuberantly dance the conga... the possibilities would be endless! Now, in most cultures where they believe in multiple gods, such as the Greeks, Norse, and Egyptians, usually each particular god is the god of one particular thing (or two, or three, or four, or thirty). It seems crazy that there would be things that aren’t good about being a god. But, unfortunately, there’s a lot of things that very few people would want to be the god of. So, here are the top ten worst things be the god of. Be creative, and if there’s something that isn’t currently on the list, by all means add it! Please note that when I use the word god on this list, I’m not excluding or forgetting the word Goddess, it’s just quicker to write the one word.
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1 Donald Trump's Lies
2 Atheism

This is my personal favourite on the list. How can you be the god of there being no gods. So ironic. Whoever added this is super cool.

This is hilariously awesome! Whoever put this on here, please tell me, because this is just so perfect. It would suck to be this.

I'm pretty sure if there was a god that controlled there being no gods, the world would explode. So yeah, that would totally suck.

3 The DMV

If you're the god of the DMV, watch your back. A lot of people hate you for being lazy.

4 United States of America The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the British Empire in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence. They won their independence in 1783 with the Treaty of Paris. Its capital, Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) is defined by imposing neoclassical monuments and buildings including the iconic ones that house the federal government's 3 branches: the Capitol, White House and Supreme Court. Though it has no official language, English and more.
5 Divorce

It's actually much more sad than other people joking about it on here. I succumbed to depression after getting divorced and never got happy until recently. I'm still single.

I have been divorced. It was fine because two months later I met the hottest women I have ever seen and we got married after a couple years of doing... stuff.

I hate this. It shouldn't exist. You get a nice fine woman, settle down, and nothing else happens! That's all there is too it

6 Trump's Rude Quotes
7 Bad Breath

I don't even want to imagine what this god's breath would smell like, or whether there is a real god of this.

Not exactly a deity to be proud of becoming.

8 Armageddon
9 Misery

Again, there are gods for this, namely Ahklys (Akhlys? Aklys? Why do they make these names so hard to spell) from Greek mythology. It's pretty obvious why this would suck. You can't feel any emotion but misery; you'll ruin lives, relationships, and other great things whether you want to or not. Your personality and features will probably be based on what you're the god of, so you will probably spend most of your time wailing with gloom and looking like a cooler full of acid spilled on your head.

See I would be the God of Misery and this would be my plan.
1) Make mortals miserable
2) Make them beg for mercy
3) Put them out their misery.
This plan is perfect and flawless.

10 Coronavirus

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? Bad Hair Days
? Forgotten Passwords
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11 Acne

I put this on here just because, as I am assuming that your personality and appearance reflect your specialty, you would be so plagued with acne being immortal wouldn't really make up for it. And this would also be pretty embarassing.

It's disgusting, disfiguring, painful, weird, and pointless. Just like the god of this.

Better than being the God of Puberty aka the God of masturbation.

12 Death

This may seem appealing at first. That guy who owed you 10$? Bang! Dead. The person who bullied you in school? BANG! Dead!

I mean, this is a pretty big thing to brag about on a date. "Oh, by the way, I'm the god of death! Unfortunately, there are some big setbacks.
While you could probably do all of that, you would need to be fair, impartial, and equal as the death god. You might have a gloomy or cruel personality. And I'm sure Thanatos wouldn't be too happy with you, moving in on his territory. You may get depressed, ending all these wonderful lives, and you might scare or drive your loved ones away.

13 Poop
14 Cancer

Cancer is pretty pointless. It's worse than COVID 19 because it's more fatal to the healthy and unhealthy, the young and elderly. You know, I'm surprised COVID isn't on here but pandemics is I guess so whatever.

Cancer sucks. I hope to invent a cure for it someday, but I'm not sure if it is possible.

I hate cancer. I lost all three of my brothers and my mother to it.

15 Insomnia

I swear, if there is a god of this, I want to go punch him in his sleepy face, and I'm sure I'm not alone. And that just reinforces the fact that nobody would want to be the god of this.

Oh, this is the worst, I look like a sleep-deprived seal after never falling asleep stupid insomnia sucks!

This sucks so much. And as a god of this you would never sleep, and you know they say your brain needs sleep and dreams to survive

16 Pandemics

I'm pretty sure that, given the present circumstances, all the other gods would have already zapped you into a grease spot, and for obvious reasons, and who would want to be the cause of this devastating situation.

Given the present circumstances this should be top 2. Not 5th. Why is it behind bad breath?

I can imagine you talking to the olympian council. "My report on the- cough cough wheeze" pandemic is- coughcough cough.

17 Racism

This is definitely the worst. My top three would be this, then aethism, then suicide. Racism is so bad that it should be against the law for this be in 41st. It is an outrageous fact that it isn't even top ten.

Racism isn't necessary. All it does is destroys, nothing good comes from it. Black Lives Matter, white lives matter, who cares what your appearance is?

Whoops, I forgot this on my original top ten... thanks to whoever put it on here. This would certainly be terrible.

18 Texas Texas is a state in the Southern USA. It is the second largest by area and population. Its largest city is Houston.
19 War

I am the type of person to take prisoners just to torture them on the battlefield. Just so their army can watch as I cut them into multiple pieces.

I would hate to be the God of war. You would be mean and like death and battles. You would be super powerful though.

I guess you will be cool but you will be mean and like bloody battles.

20 50 Cent Songs
21 Loneliness
22 Hangovers
23 Suicide

Oh, this is the worst. It and racism should be much higher than any others on this list even death.

Suicide is a terrible thing that shouldn't exist, if you're contemplating suicide, don't do it!

Really bad. One of my relatives and two of my friends died of this and I almost did before someone saved me. it's a terrible experience

24 Failure
25 Flatulence
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