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1 Brain

The brain is a much more powerful thing than you think. What people don't understand is that it is what makes you yourself. It controls your movements, your thinking patterns, the way you see things, and the way you want to see things. It gives you the freedom of making decisions, feeling emotions, and the feeling of being free. People who do drugs never realize what pain they put themselves into. They not only destroy their brain but themselves.

Your brain and heart kind of work together. If you have a brain but no heart, you can't function. If you have a heart but no brain, you can't function either. However, if you're on a machine, then (technically) you can live without a heart. But a brain? Nope. There are zero alternatives for a brain. Lose that, and you have zero chance of functioning.

2 Heart

May someone explain to me why this is lower than breasts? I get that the brain is more important, but breasts? The heart and brain are what everything has in common, and they keep you alive. This should be higher, number two at the least...

The heart's job is to pump blood around your body, which supplies you with oxygen and makes your body able to function. It does not control any feelings. That is what your brain does.

I thought I was meaningless until I met the girl of my dreams. She's beautiful, and I love her more than anyone. And heck, I'm in middle school. Thanks so much, heart.

3 Eyes

We need eyes to see, or we'll go blind! Being blind, you have to watch out where you're going. Don't fall off the level, hit things with your leg or foot, get stabbed by sharp things, touch very hot and cold things, trip over objects, or fall off the stairs, etcetera.

The eyes are really what draw you to someone attractive. You can sort of talk with your eyes. I think they're beautiful. My eyes are mocha brown with a black ring around the iris, and they're really pretty. With your eyes, you can flirt with someone without saying a single word.

One time, I saw this guy at the store. He had the most beautiful eyes. They were kind of turquoise and they were amazing. I'll never forget them. Eyes are truly the most amazing parts of us.

4 Breasts

Breastfeeding is the best thing for children. It gives them a lot of advantages. That's what makes breasts good, not because of sex and some perverted whatnot. But this is still not better than the heart.

Here's my theory: There is an equal amount of men as there are women. Every woman comes with two breasts. Therefore, breasts overpower us guys. It's overwhelming.

Whoever took Wheeler's theory on breasts and made it their own is unoriginal. However, I couldn't agree more with the statement.

5 Mouth

We can use it for many things. Why are breasts and another word for breasts ahead of this, let alone in the top 10?

They help you eat, talk, and do other things. Why are breasts ranked higher?

6 Arms

I will consider arms to encompass hands in this instance, as having the ability to use tools is crucial.

Of course, it's about workout. It's about building muscle. It's about carrying things around.

Arms, specifically shoulders, are important. It's extremely hard to live without arms in general.

7 Legs

The legs provide mobility and, along with our upright spine, enable us to observe our surroundings from a higher perspective, which was crucial for survival on the African savanna.

8 Butt

Well, if we didn't have one, we'd explode because we'd have nowhere to expel our crap.

It's useful, but what's so interesting about having a big one?! Like, seriously?!

My eyes always start there. If it's good, I look at the rest of the package.

9 Face

It enables us to identify individuals and comprehend nonverbal communication.

10 Penis

The penis should be number 1 or number 2 because it's the source of human creation, and without it, we wouldn't even be here.

It enables us to reproduce and urinate, thereby eliminating excess minerals from the body.

This should be number 1. I love my penis, and it's the most important part about me.

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11 Ears
12 Head

Well, your brain is now on the floor. Without your head, your skull is exposed, nothing to protect it.

13 Hands

I love hands. They're meant for holding, touching. I like to think of a guy's hands as fire. They're really hot, and they have a mind of their own. Like fire, a guy's hands aren't in your control. They go where they want, leaving a trail of heat behind them.

Without these, we'll have to use our mouths and feet to pick stuff up.

14 Teeth

They are what make you beautiful!

15 Tongue

The tongue is the most important thing, so we can taste the food.

16 Vagina

Similar to the penis, the vagina plays a crucial role in human survival by allowing reproduction and ensuring population stability, as long as we can produce offspring at a faster rate than we experience loss.

The vagina should go just behind the penis because it is the only thing less important than the penis, but more important than anything else other than the brain and heart.

The best part of this is that it gives humans the ability to procreate, the same with the penis. However, too much sexual pleasure makes you a maniac.

17 Belly Button

Actually, I wanted to mention generative organs here, but this will do. It's the only real proof we have that we were born! (I know the spelling is wrong!)

18 Nose
19 Neck

The neck and throat are crucial as they allow us to ingest food, breathe, and communicate, which is important for humans as social creatures that hunt in groups.

I wish I had a neck like Cartoon Paul McCartney.

20 Back
21 Feet

I like feet, many do. Feet are a popular body part for many people. They have been revered for centuries as humble and sacred due to their role in supporting the rest of our body and keeping us off the ground.

22 Chin
23 Bladder
24 Lungs
25 Testicles

I think this should be number 1. I love them!

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