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1 The 'F' word

This word is beautiful. The sound of a mere four-letter word provokes shock in the average goody two shoes, but it can be beautiful in other ways. This word can be inserted anywhere in a sentence in the English language and still make sense. The F-word is a masterpiece. It is magical. It is the savior we have been waiting for.

Other words on this list are just plain offensive and have no appeal. This word, while it can be used to offend someone, can also be used for other things too.

Actually, think of the structure - It is perfect for screaming out in anger! All the syllables express perfect and simple frustration.

2 The 'C' word for vagina

This is unquestionably the most socially unacceptable word to use in any milieu. It cuts through you like a knife through butter. Calling a woman this word, especially when preceded by "you effing", is more insulting and derogatory than anything else. Using this word in an argument with a woman you dislike is in such poor taste that censorship fairies could be inadvertently summoned and condemn the slandering offender to Hades.

It is perfect. It has the 'K' sound to kick it off and is immediately finished with a dismissive, brutalizing, and unequivocal end. It fits men and women equally, but is especially delicious when flung at a female as women consider it to be the most aggressively offensive word in the English language. Why is there no 'male' curse equivalent? If I may answer my own question: "Why, indeed?"

This word shuts up any person that is offending you. When you say it, they shall go to their homes that night, get in the shower, and cry themselves to sleep on the floor of the shower because of the raw power this word has.

3 The 'S' word for poop

It's not bad if you say it as in poo, but if you call someone that word then it is offensive. I've once been called that, and trust me, it is super offensive.

Yeah, because to me, I wouldn't even classify it as "swearing". I say it myself sometimes too, even in front of my mom on occasion.

Love this one. A masterpiece and feels great to let roll off your tongue! And yet, it's not even offensive!

4 The 'N' word for black

It's unfortunate how much this word is used today. I am African American, and this word just reminds us of a time when we were slaves, and this is what the slaves were called. I am ashamed that such a primitive and barbaric word is used in mainstream media today.

This is MUCH worse than any of the other words. If you say it out loud, many would get offended. If you say the 'F' word, you would simply shock someone. But, no one is offended from hearing the 'F' word nearly as much as this horrid word.

It's just disappointing that people would think the "f" word is worse than this. If you say this word, you're a mean, racist person.

5 The 'B' word for girls

Literally, the word itself can be used as the feminine side of different kinds of animals. Some have good quality, some have bad quality, therefore, being such a remarkable judgment, criticism, comment, or wisecrack, that none can deny.

It really depends on who says it. If it's a boy, it's offensive. An enemy, it's an insult. A friend, a hint of anger. A best friend, a compliment. A parent, a sign of significant anger. And a boyfriend, a breakup text.

Eh. I think it's kinda offensive not only to women but also to dogs, so I don't say it even though I really want to. I manage not to let it slip out, but eh.

6 The 'A'-hole word

I don't say this word a lot, but it's cool.

It's a really bad word!

That word is really bad when said, unless you are talking about a donkey. Don't say it at all.

7 The 'F' word for homosexuals

This word is extremely offensive. I never say it and will only ever spell it out when talking about that word for any reason.

One of the only two words that I will not say ever is that and the N word for black people. When I hear those two words, I want to cry, and I'm not either of them. It's offensive and just shouldn't be a thing. We don't hear people who like apples making up curse words for people who like oranges, do we? Or vice versa.

S*** is offensive to poop, damn is offensive to wood (as in actual wood, don't get perverted on me now). Let's keep our language offensive to inanimate objects, please. We don't need people to be offended!

In Mexico, they have a word for it too. The word even sounds offensive without knowing what it means.

8 The 'W' word for prostitute

How do you people not know what this word is! I'm 8, and I know what this word is!

I'm 13 too, and I know this word. It's not a good word to say and is very offensive.

Why don't people know what this is? I'm 13 and I know it. It's a pretty good swear word to be honest.

9 The 'A' word

Bender: Bite my shiny metal ass.
Me: Bite my squishy brown ass.

It also means butt.

Ass is a donkey.

10 The 'P' word for vagina

I remember I was making a joke to one of my friends and I said the word 'p', and this girl came over and said, "THAT'S OFFENSIVE!" even though I'm a girl.

It's not that bad. Instead of hinting at the word, why doesn't everyone just WRITE IT?

What kind of sick, cruel world are we living in?

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11 The 'J' word for sperm

This isn't really a curse word, more of a nickname.

It's not really a curse word.

Haha, that's a clean word.

12 The 'C' word for white people

There's a riot every time the infamous n-word is used, yet cracker, say no? Rise up for racial equality, a guilt-free world from ancestors' mistakes, and let's all use racial slurs together without it making it onto TV because a white guy said it.

If someone calls me a "cracker," I'll just laugh at them until they feel really uncomfortable and then walk away humming Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah because, I mean, seriously? Cracker? It's so stupid. It's like calling someone a green bean and thinking that it'll seem offensive to them.

I'm white, and one time, people were throwing crackers at me and calling me "white cracker" and running away.

13 The 'B' word for Mexicans

Never laughed so hard when I saw someone put "border patrol" hahaha. I actually laughed in the middle of work, now I've got to explain myself... how do I do this, haha.

I'm Hispanic and I didn't know what it was before I was called it. I consider it a racial slur, similar to wetback.

Beaner? I'm Mexican, and I don't find it offensive. I find it offensive that others find it offensive.

14 The 'D' word slang

It is fun to say and not overly offensive. I like the phrase, "Damn Frogs!" Its linguistic and phonetic feel is very pleasing, and it is a great phrase to express frustration while still remaining somewhat chaste from obscenity.

The perfect word to use if you want to swear but are around adults, people who are easily offended, or people you really don't know that well.

Dammit. You can say it in more places than most curses. And it's the name of Blink 182's best song.

15 The 'D' word for penis

This is so offensive to anyone named Richard.

This word has much less power than it should have.

How was this not on here? Wow!

16 The 'C' word for penis

It's also another nickname for a rooster.

This word is cocktail. Just remove tail.

17 The 'D' word for sexual toy

This isn't a swear word.

Just say sex toy.

It's either dick or dildo, but either one would work as a sex toy.

18 The 'J' word for idiot.

Jerk is not a swear.

19 The 'C' word for Asians

I am an ethnic Korean and I have yet to hear this coming from anyone. But if I do hear it, I know how I'm going to feel. Because the C-word for Asians is like the Asian equivalent of the N-word.

Oh my God, stick to the non-racial ones. DAMN YOU, or I'll kick your dirty ass to Antarctica.

I've heard this word like once in my entire lifeā€¦

20 The 'K' word for Jews

This is the worst word to call a Jewish person. Don't even try it. It's not worth it.

It's the worst even to mention it.

21 The 'T' word for vagina

This word actually means friend.

What does it rhyme with?

22 The 'D' word for idiot

This word means penis. This word is dora. Just change the a to k.

Dumb isn't a swear. Dumbass is my favorite swear, though.

23 The 'S' word for vagina

Snatch is not a bad word. And neither is snitch.

24 The 'T' word for Irish

More offensive than its counterpart starting with the letter F. It's quite a nasty word to be called. It just sounds rougher and more degrading than the other word starting with F.

25 The 'C' word for spermial fluids

It's "um," just add a C as the first letter.

I like it. It's one of the words that sounds very nice but somehow is a swearword.

Daddy is amazing.

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