Top 10 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History

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1 Tombstone Piledriver - The Undertaker

Tombstone is killer! If I take an rko I think ow and make on, a Batista bomb I think oh I took a powerbomb from Batista the attitude adjustment sucks (sorry it does) the stunner is basically a sitdown RKO so read my RKO review for that one then f-5 is a spinning attitude adjustment then swanton bomb is hard to pull of pedigree looks to ridiculous sweet chin music is a superkick (derp) the rock bottom! It had to be a move where you grab your opponents shoulder lift them by the shoulder and slam them down but the tombstone would give me a concussion so tombstone is best

It's the best move ever performed in wwe performed by the best wrestler in the world. He never lost a single match in wreslemania thanks to tombstone and the hells gate. He is gonna rock in future wrestlemania also.

So unfortunate he is gone now... F5 may have ended streak but Brock is stronger and maybe faster even saying that undertaker is, was and always will be the best plus Brock can't be relied on becuase he comes to WWE like one day a year

It has made many legends of WWE retire from the sport. No doubt about the effect of it when your head slams aginst the floor... The person might be half dead. And nobody else can perform this move better

2 RKO - Randy Orton

It’s my favorite finisher because of how simple yet effective it is. It’s extremely versatile and can be used in many scenarios.

I think that Tombstone and pedigree can't get to RKO because RKO is far more quick and Randy can perform it hundreds of times without being tired because it doesn't take any power of him + one of shortest time requiring move in WWE just like giving a kick to someone!

Best wrestler ever should be first because the undertaker is now fat and only fights at main events that he did not deserve. Randy orton should of went against roman reighns because he won the rumble but since roman eleminated undertaker they took the main event? what the heck

I think rko is the best because the tombstone only hurt the neck but RKO will affect to the face and neck. So the fighters get pained with RKO so I say RKO is the best. So friends vote to the randy orton's RKO

3 Stone Cold Stunner - Steve Austin

Stunner #1, why? It's banned in 7 states, point made! Rko #2, why? It's as close to a stunner as you can come! Point made! Respect wise tombstone piledriver is #3 and only that low because truly it's a pile driver! Yes it can hurt you but it's not banned in 7 states so what does that tell you! I have super huge respects for the rick slap and the iron claw by the von erichs (for the young ones who don't know) but pound for pound the stunner is only one of very very few moves to ever be outlawed! I'm not older than dirt, just old enough to know I can talk abd walk my opinion!

Best part is you can do it anywhere to anyone. 619 relies on your opponent being in the ring. Tombstone Piledriver requires your opponent to be light enough to lift up (doubt that Big Show for example can be pile-driven with ease).

It is one of the strongest wrestling moves not to mention it bodes well with his personality. Stone cold suits his move extremely well and h mixes a taunt with it as well. His signature/finisher move actually does what his move says which helps your cause, it seems quite simple.

toughest, quickest and the most stylish finishing move.. This should be on the top... I feel rko is a sloppy version of stone cold stunner

4 F-5 - Brock Lesnar

F5 can be performed any where and can be as dangerous as the performer want with this move brock really hurt and injured the best in wwe and without brock lesnar no one can match to this move. Becaous every thing he did matched him.

Even Dangerous than a level f5 tornado.. ! Basically a dangerous fire mans carry face buster move, Breaks Ribs, Faces, shoulders and K. Os.. and Looks very Cool.

It is one of best moves I have ever seen. He carries him, twists him in the air and the opponent falls on his face!

F5 is very painful that is why all wrestlers that are fighting with brock lesnar give up

5 Pedigree - Triple H

Is there anything more impactful or intimidating then the idea of being planted face first to the mat and having your arms locked too so you can't get out.

TRIPLE H is a great wrestler. His pedigree is so dangerous. He is number 1 and he is awesome

I gave this move to my cousin on pillow but still he cried for an hour with his face red

Pedigree it's my favorite best luck for team authority

6 Rock Bottom - The Rock

It is the best ever finishing maneuver in entire WWE history... This is a form of side Slam but not just that much... Breaking down the opponent's momentum and lifting him and hitting a Rock Bottom destroys the opponent!

It is the most electrifying move in wwe history no one can stand up in this move.
Through this move many of the best wrestler loose like: John Cena, Randy, Bigshow, Rey mysterio Hulk Hogan& many other wrestler

It is a very complicated move and it could go wrong but it does a lot of damage to the opposition and when they are on the floor you could easily pin them out to win the match and claim the WWE champion.

It is awesome move. It's powerful, impacting, dangerous, disastrous and most important the most electrifying sportsman in sports entertainment performs it - "The ROCK"

7 Attitude Adjustment - John Cena

I like FU because John Cena can do it very night. LIke he Fu The Big Show He was like The Greatest of the world John Cena says that he will never give up. Until he will get the Champion Belt and keep that gold belt. We love you John Cena!

He jumps over the head of opponent, put him on his solder and through him to the ring, he did that so flawless, even he did it with many of heavy weighted superstars too... Superb john.. Keep it up!

This moves is amazing. Cena does great, specially when he does it to the likes of Big Show, Mark Henry and Khali. I've also seen him picking up some of his opponents with one harm, AMAZING!

Attitude adjustment is the best, hurting lower back, head and knees all at once truly devastative... No opponent of John Cena has ever been able to stand up after getting hit by it...

8 Sweet Chin Music - Shawn Michaels

Simply the best MOVE ever, nobody could do it and bring such a sense of reality like Shawn Michaels, it really looked like he just turned their faces to frying pans. The allure, the set up, the selling, even the sound of it rocked. You're Still missed Shawn <3, you're the best ever.

It had a great name, it could be performed almost anywhere, it was used by the best wrestler of all time. What more so you want?

One of the best finishers in history, not to mention that it is by the best wrestler in history

There's no question.. Sweet Chin Music is without doubt the best finishing move in the history of WWE..

9 619 - Rey Mysterio

The 619 should be number 1 because it's so cool I'd like to try to do it on my friend and I'm a fan of Rey mysterio since I'm 6 years old. And I wish they will bring him back on WWE 2k17. I also wish he would make a surprise entrance at royal rumble 2017 at entry number 30

But this finisher only can be done in the other finisher they can do anywhere

A just all-around amazing move from this amazing wrestler. One of the greatest luchador wrestlers of all time.

It is awesome move. Also a cool name like 619.I love it. Also many WWE fans

10 Spear - Roman Reigns

Spear of Roman Reigns is really dangerous for any wrestler.With this spear Roman Reigns has become Universal,WWE, United States and Inter Continental champion and also beat the phenom,the dead man "The Undertaker".So according my considering spear of Roman Reigns is the best move in WWE.

I think roman's move should be on top because he has beaten the undertaker triple h john cena and almost all legends.
It's the reign of BIG DOG

The spear delivered by roman is really tough and disastorouS its enough to take on big guys like lesnar l am talking about 2012 and 2013 but now the wwe has toned his finisher and now it is the most protected finisher in wwe even more than AA because it proved brutal for the opponents goldberg spear went to the summit because those days mostly all matches werent scripted.Thank u#WWE IS FAKE

Bill Goldberg is the best at the spear and the spear is the best move Roman is the second best at the spear

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11 Swanton Bomb - Jeff Hardy

The Charaismatic Enigma Can destroy any one with the Swanton Bomb, The Creature Of The Night Can Soar through the sky from 20 feet and destroy them ending the match. EXTREME!

Jeff's swanton bomb is like an eagle flying from the sky to the ground to catch his prey.

Jeff hardy is my favourite and I think the swanton bomb is very dangerous

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Jeff hardy thru that table.

12 Chokeslam - Kane

This move is really good, but you can defiantly see it coming.

It made kane the world heavyweight champion in seconds

Chokeslam is the best! The Big Red Machine Rules!

Its just so bloody effective

13 Spear - Bill Goldberg

This move is really Awesome. Goldberg strikes suddenly and his force is just unmatchable. 2 spears to Brock Lesnar and he was really in pain. The velocity of Goldberg was just awesome. Wish I could see more spears from Goldberg to today's wrestlers

My favourite is beast the Brock lesnar but my favourite smack move is bill gold berg SPEAR this move is dangerous for wwe superstars I give spear anyone I tell the what is spear no one beat me?

Goldberg spear is very dangerous because it perform anywhere and makes an serious injury his head spear was massive it destroy Brock lesnar,Roman riengns,Braun strowmam,edge and BIG SHOW my favourite smack in the world I can perform to my friend he tottaly destroy and he never fight me you want to learn spear how it's give search on rishabhgulati post Goldberg jackhammer and spear


Goldberg has the biggest and longest streak,173,and has the best spear.I wish Goldberg comes back to WWE and challenge will be a awesome match.

14 Batista Bomb - Batista

The batista bomb just drives your back straight into the ground. After bean given a batista bomb it will just drain every little bit of energy in you and in will stop your momentum. It is just pure strangth the whole move I don't think uses much skill just strangth and momentum.

Batista bomb is an ultimate powerbomb

Greatest and most effective

This is best finishing move

15 Stylish Kick - John Morrison

This Move Is Only done By Aj styles In tna And JOhN MOrrison In WWE great kick to get people. Out

16 Claymore - Drew McIntyre

You can win anyone with a claymore

the claymore is the best finisher it hits you on the head

17 S.O.S. - Kofi Kingston
18 Sharpshooter - Bret Hart

Sharpshooter my favorite move

I think that is the best move ever

It's so awesome and yet so painful

Cobra-santino marella

19 FU - John Cena

It is most stronger than aa

It is my favourite attack.

20 S.T.F. - John Cena

John Cena is my favourite wrestler and his smack was very good

John Cena is the best wrestler I gave the STF to my friend and he tapped and cried

Hi angle is very surprising and I like it

This is the best angle lock ever

21 Walls of Jericho - Chris Jericho

Extremely painful in stomach and back

Y2J's walls of jericho is more powerful than hellsgate,f5, AA and spere also

22 Master Lock - Chris Masters
23 Airbourne - Evan Bourne

Its is very nice bourne

24 Twist of Fate - Matt Hardy

*It is very painful move like RKO and Stone cold stunner.
*It is one of the compack moves of Jeff Hardy after twist of fate he gave swanton bomb.
*It is one of his finisher move.
*Twist of Fate is one of the best moves of Jeff Hardy

Its damn crazy move

25 Go 2 Sleep - CM Punk

GTS when CM Punk will give this to u u will understand How vulnerable and painful this is and u will automatically add GTS in top 10... Not only 10 but the best 1

It is impossible to kick out after it is done it could break your boss if done in the wrong place. GREAT MOVE

This is a knee to the head after lifting them in the air! John Cena's is just a toss off the shoulders!

Iis the best knocking out move ever it could knock you out completely

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