Top 10 Best Things About Summer

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1 No School

Last day of school is literally the best day ever! When the bell rings for dismissal, I get all ecstatic. I feel like having a slumber party when this day comes.

This is THE best! During summer, I can finally play video games for hours without worrying about the homework that I didn't do!

I like school, but when the summer holiday starts I don't need to worry about any homework nor do I need to get up very early!

2 Warm Weather

It can get annoying for me sometimes, but I try to get used to it. I use a fan in my room during the summer at night, just to get more air. I eat a few cold foods, like popsicles/ice cream, but I try to eat hot foods as well.

I can ride my bike (or scooter) when the blue sky and the sun show up.

Um I get warm weather all of the time except winter. That's because I live in Florida

It's not nice when the temperature is 86 degrees or higher. There is a heatwave coming here in the Netherlands

3 Swimming

I love sports and swimming is a sport so obviously I love it! love swimming with friends and doing tricks underwater. I'm am also a PRO at holding my breath!

It is my favorite reason of summer.

4 Barbecues

Whenever I go camping, I just grab some random yummy food and pig out

5 Beach

The beach is very calming, especially the ocean. I would love to be there right now, I would love to be there on one of my dates with the right boy, and I would love to go there when I'm stressed. The beach is the best

Going to the beach during the summer is the best. You get to go swimming in the ocean, chill out in the sun, and lots more! Not having to worry about school getting in your way!

Just chilling in the sun, tanning, bathing suits, feet in the sand. Need I say more?

6 Hanging Out With Friends More

I love hanging out with my friends! they are so fun to be with and we do basically everything together on the holidays.

Homework doesn't get in your way!

7 4th of July
8 Sleep Whenever

I disagree, sleeping during summer isn't that great because it's really hot in bed, especially after a hot day. It makes it harder to sleep

This is the best! Because, since there's no school for 3 months, I can sleep in the next day

9 Fun

I love when people brag to me about how they get out in May and then I brag back because I go back in September and get a whole August for summer.

10 Being Lazy

I only love being lazy when I know I have no work. Some people are still lazy even though they have work to do, I don't do that because it bothers me

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11 Relaxing
12 Fruit Salad
13 Ice Cream
14 Playing Outside More
15 Water Parks
16 Summer Camp

I love summer camps. I always make new friends and you can do outdoor activities and swimming an everything!

17 Vacations

Vacations are one of the most popular things to do during the summer. Why isn't it even in the Top 10?

I have been on vacation recently to Austria and it was fun. I like vacations

Love going on vacation. spending time at the beach and having fun!

18 Summer Movies

Usually when the blockbusters are released and many times the better movies of the year. Better and fun while at the shore.

19 Outdoor Sports

I LOVE outdoor sports. Actually make that ANY sport! I am in the track team and I'm the basketball captain! I love interacting and connecting with others through sport! You can also make new friends.

20 Amusement Parks

I am a complete wuss when it comes to big rides like roller coasters, but I still love them.

21 Soda Tastes Better

You can have winter whether it's winter, spring, summer, or autumn though. But it is best for summer!

22 You Don't Have to Wear Jackets
23 Thunderstorms

Am I the only one who loves to hear the thunder and see the lightning? I love the rain as well. at school me and my friends would run into the rain and sing and dance and play sport in the rain. rolling around in mud is THE BEST!

Yeah thunderstorms are pretty cool and they are common during summer

24 Spending Time with Family
25 Camping
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