Top 10 Best WCW Moments

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1 The Formation of the N.W.O.

Possibly the most shocking moment wrestling fans never expected their hero Hulk Hogan to turn heel and joined forces with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and formed The New World Order, one fan even took exception to the hulkster heel turn that he tried to get into the ring and was attacked by Hall and Nash.

2 Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat Clash of Champions 1989

On April 2, 1989 before a small crowd of 5,300 at the huge Superdome in New Orleans. Ric Flair faced Ricky Steamboat in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the championship. Fall no. 1 goes to Flair while Fall no. 2 goes to Steamboat in fall no. 3 Steamboat pinned flair after a failed double chickenwing attempt. Flair fell on top of Steamboat, both men's shoulders we're down, but Steamboat got his left shoulder up before the third count in the final fall. In that fall Flair's foot was under the rope thus a rematch between the 2 took place at WrestleWar 1989.

3 The Last Monday Nitro

After being bought out by Vince McMahon WCW held its last Monday Nirto it was a very emotional moment for all the superstars in WCW with most of them unaware what the future holds for them the main event saw Ric Flair and Sting going at it one last time though the match wasn't there best it was still a memorable moment.

4 Goldberg Wins The WCW Championship from Hollywood Hogan

A match that should have taken place on Pay Per View Goldberg dethroned the legend Hollywood Hulk Hogan and claimed The WCW Championship.

5 Ron Simmons Wins The WCW Championship

Simmons made history by being the first African American to become world heavyweight champion by defeating Vader.

6 Sting Reinvents Himself

Sting returned in a big way by reinventing his character now dressed in black with white face paint resembling Eric Draven from The Crow and being WCW's savior against The N.W.O.

7 The Outsiders Attack July 29, 1996

During the middle of a tag team match Nash and Hall attacked a number of WCW superstars in the back one highlight moment was Rey Myseterio being launched head first into the side trailer, the whole thing felt so real that according to Eric Bishoff people in the area actually thought that a gang war was going and called the cops.

8 Sting's First Time Coming Down from The Rafters
9 Chris Benoit vs Bret Hart's Owen Hart Tribute Match

Following the death of Owen Hart Bret and Benoit faced off in a tribute match to the late Owen ironically in the same building where his death occurred, though it took awhile really get going it was still an emotionally filled match.

10 Medusa Dumps The WWE Women's Championship in the Trash

WCW really stuck it to WWE by having Madusa Alundra Blaze dropping the WWE women's championship in the trash though it was later revealed that she really didn't want to do it an that she was persuaded by Eric Bischoff to do so.

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11 The First Monday Nitro

This series was launched at a Mall in Minneapolis, the same area where The Minnesota Twins once played there. But it was there on Labor Day 1995 where the first shot of the Monday Night Wars was fired when During the Sting vs. Ric Flair bout that Lex Luger showed up unannounced at a mall and told the wrestling world he's done playing with toys and joined where the big boys play, it won't be the last shot in the wcw-wwf wars.
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12 You Wanna A War. You Got It.

Memorial Day 1996, in a probably forgettable WCW Monday Nitro match, Scott Hall came out of a crowd and told the worldwide TV audience and said, "Hey you know who I am, but you don't know why I'm here." that statement would in time launched the war between the nWo and WCW.

13 Ric Flair vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat - WrestleWar 1989 AND the aftermath
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