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1 Omnikinesis

Although powerful, omnikinesis is not as strong as Ultifery. It is almost omnipotence to be omni-manipulative. Whether or if Omnipotence is power or status, it is still vastly superior to both.

Obviously the best one, because if you can manipulate anything, you can manipulate the fabric of reality, well, depending on the current ability of the user, but if it's like metapotence, then easy peasy lemon squeezy, your essentially god.

Lmfao why is this even a list? Omnikinesis was doomed to be the best from the start, and we all know that. Manipulate everything, period!

2 Telekinesis

What are the complete capabilities of a character that has telekinesis?
The kind of rules you want for your universe truly does matter. For varied perspectives on what telekinetic powers can do in the major superhero comics universes, you can look to figures like Cable and Jean Gray (Marvel), as well as Superboy (DC).

moving anything? I'm down! it's so cool if you can move anything you could end up moving the Eiffel tower at that point but yes, there are other things to that telekinesis can do instead of moving since it can also control and manipulate air! if it can I think most of you don't know that people with telekinesis can fly since its air! so it is god mostly!

Great. Move anything? Useful in everyday life and combat, you could stop bullets and/or shrapnel, point the weapons of your enemies toward their allies, etcetera.

3 Kinetikinesis

What people don't understand is it's not controlling kinetic abilities, its controlling kinetic energy. It's still powerful, but it's controlling kinetic energy as in, one object cannot move unless it is impacted by another. It's like physikinesis but not as powerful.

I've been reading about the ability to control the kinetic energy of moving objects, or kinetikinesis.

You control basically all the kinesis' in the whole world.. Or maybe a few. Or just some kinetics-

4 Haemokinesis

The kenokinesis is my rinnegan since its vacuum, I have a lot of forbidden powers like necrokinesis where I can summon the dead except I'm not summoning the weak ones. I'm summoning people like superman or gorilla Grundy or doomsday people like that. Rinnegan on one eye and izanami on another eye where I can control gravity. And I have an upgraded version of genjutsu. I also have rinnegan genjutsu aka psychokenisis. Last but not least atmokinesis where I have 4 elements but I will pick. Water, wind, lightning, and earth. Those 4 elements are weak but a distraction so I can use my most powerful forbidden powers to either blood bend. Summon the dead. Or put him in a genjutsu. I'm not broken either I'm just op

deserves to be higher than telekinesis, telekinesis is just up there because it's the best well known one, but its by far no means powerful (telekinesis that is) Haemokinesis the ability to manipulate blood is powerful.

5 Electrokinesis

Also doubles as technokinesis or technopathy, because you can control the electricity in them. Also, you could control/read minds.

Ever heard of a kugelblitz? a black hole made out of energy, this makes this another extremely powerful kinetic ability, depending on the user's ability of course.

You can heal and KILL people instantly. Sure you can summon lightning, shoot it, make shockwaves, but you can KILL people instantly

6 Atmoskinesis

Very done! Just manipulate all 8 at once! I mean pyro, hydro, geo, aero, electro and umbra and light right?

Who wouldn't like the skies if you can turn them clear, cloudy, rainy, stormy, and pretty as the Aurora Borealis?

Ability to control the weather is really strong. Like you're literally Storm.

7 Hydrokinesis
8 Unikinesis

You have infinite power to control anything inside the universe like make galaxies drift apart from the cause of a black hole far beyond our universe you could be a literal god to destroy worlds or instantly use the gas as well as the magnetic fields. You can change the temperature in dead space and travel without the time passing on earth to go to other planets and create a new earth you are god in a sense you can still die of old age unless that is what you can control as well the essence of time itself. You can stop early deaths you can connect souls you can stop conquerings on other planets. You can cure diseases from elements blood people on planets that can't be reached.

Ability to manipulate the universe is very hard to understand. If its controlling everything in the univers, its 2nd to omnikinesis. Otherwise, if its manipulation of THE univers, still good but not as good.

9 Chronokinesis

Well chrono kinesis is controlling time controlling time means being able to fix your mistakes, For example you punched someone you can punch them as much as you want by reversing and when you done reverse and don't punch him.

Need money? No problem! Go back in time and bet in a game you know who's the winner!
Don't want to study for a test? No problem! After the test just go back in time 24 hours and memorize the answers to the questions in the test!

The best kinetic ability to cheat from school. get me?
You could stop, reverse, and fast-forward time with this ability!

10 Biokinesis

Basically it's the ability to manipulate your own DNA to take what ever shape you want for your body. In other words you're the creature from the movie the thing from another world.

You can be any animal or person but this should not go in the wrong hands.

I'm a human, now I'm a eagle, now I'm a unicorn and I can be anything I want!

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11 Mystokinesis

Mystic forces, and or magic, obviously one of the most interesting ones, depending on the kind of magic, you could be destroying universes on a whim, and of course, the ability of the user.

Like hasn't everybody wanted to be like harry potter or mystic force, you know all of them.

This is a mix between mind and magic, and controls the frabric of infinite worlds. Mystic energy is complex yet powerful.

12 Elementumkinesis

You can manipulate any of the 6 elements and you get Pyro, Hydro, Geo, Cryo, Electro and my favourite aerokinesis!

It's the elements... Not to shabby! Not to shabby at all...

The elemants are a powerful thing! You'd be able to help so much with that abilitiy!

13 Psychokinesis

Read minds. Control minds. Pretty simple, but stupendously powerful, and useful for everyday activities (dominate all arguments).

It's the ability to control peoples mind. You can also read some ones mind and cause people to see illusions

Cause who doesn't want to control everyone?

14 Umbrakinesis

Umbrakinesis can be specially powerful, on dependencies of course, if you can solidify darkness, then you are going to be able to make incredible pitch black weapons, or scythes, umbrakinesis is a very powerful ability to have, depending on the skill of the user, or, the shear evil of the user, either is good.

Totally great, you could definitely solidify the darkness, turn invisible (practically), and it would be perfect for pranks. Additionally, darkvision is a given.

I just think it's really cool, like you could frighten the school bully, or just point out that someone doesn't have a shadow...

15 Pyrokinesis

Fire is powerful! As an example the phoenix force is made of cosmic fire and you could use fire mimicry and turn into the phoenix so fire should be at the top.

in my opinion, I love fire and I mean this should be at the top because officially our sun is like a massive fire ball and eventually all the stars are too massive fire balls so, why isn't it meant to be at the top? its awesome!

Also a great one to use in a story for a plot twist. I was always obsessed with this one, cause I love Fire.

16 Fragokinesis

Fragokinesis you could create God explosion like a super Nova, or nuclear bomb, or even the yellowstone volcano. This kinetic power should be number 1

I am intrested in Explosions, Other than that I love tornadoes, but the yellowstone volcano is epic so that's why I voted!

17 Photokinesis

You can manipulate light to get solarkinesis, illusion generation, hard light constructs and you can manipulate the light, through which we see in it's energy form. You can even travel at light's speed!

The ability to control light, way cooler than it sounds, you could turn invisible, you could make you could even freeze someone

Looks op but yea

18 Cryokinesis

Cryokinesis is the best for me because it's easiest to manipulate and can be regenerated easily. Even though they fight fire with cryo, it will just consume the fire because cryo has more pressure and power than pyro.

I like that we can shape ice, and if water is nearby, just use it to make more ice!

You control ice. Now tell me that is not cool.

19 Psammokinesis

I've always dreamt of controlling sand then flinging it at the person who played Anakin Skywalker

20 Aerokinesis

My personal favorite, you could manipulate sound, create storms, knock someone to their feet, clear a forest fire and have the fire under your control, as well as water, and sometimes even the Earth. A very powerful one, and there are no limitations - unless you're in space

Aerokinesis enables us to control/generate my favorite element- Air! This also means that you are air and you are everywhere. You can absorb air from someone's lungs or overflow someone with air! You can also heal people, make constructs, be invisible, be intangible, generate concussive wind blasts of a lot of energy, etc.

21 Chlorokinesis

Imagine engulfing your opponent in a tree.

Let's regrow the forests together!

Trees are cool

22 Ergokinesis

Ergokinesis, manipulating all kinds of energy, this is incredibly powerful, take for example, Vulcan, he's a very powerful person in the marvel omniverse, because manipulating anything energy based is incredibly powerful, there is cosmo-ergokinesis, which is of course, the energy of the cosmos, but if we are basing this on manipulating ALL kinds of energy, then this ability is extremely powerful, can still be thwarted by other abilities though, but nonetheless, on certain conditions, Ergokinesis = God Power.

You can manipulate almost all the energy in the entire world!

If ergokinetics can control nuclear power, this is tremendously powerful.

23 Telumkinesis

Telumkinesis- manipulate weapons
totally awesome. come at someone with a gun, think, gun doesn't work, make a spear, impale, TA-DA.

Brigs sword to gun fight loses sword just gets another sword from nowhere

Can't do much against other kinetic users but still kinda cool

24 Audiokinesis

Great, you could do everyday things like play music, or deafen people, and be totally silent, and in extension stealthy. Great for clandestine activities.

Sound is pretty much anywhere. And if there is none, you can make some by doing pretty much anything, even without magic.

25 Anthropokinesis

You can control annoying people and people you are fighting.

I don't know why this so low? You litterally can explode people use their bones as weapons, you name it.

I don't know on this one

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