Top Ten Most Disappointing WWE Royal Rumbles of all Time

Recently, I've gotten quite interested in WWE Royal Rumbles, partly because of this website (Thank you ht and Egnomac). I've quickly caught up by watching every Royal Rumble match I missed (most of them), and I have to say that there were a few that definitely didn't live up to my expectations. So, here are the top ten most disappointing WWE Royal Rumbles of all time.
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1 1999 - Royal Rumble #12

It was supposed to be an amazing match, as enemies Vince McMahon and Steve Austin both started and ended the match. Unfortunately, Vince McMahon wasn't physically capable of wrestling the entire match, and Austin's neck and back issues which lead to him getting career-changing surgery later that year made that a fail. So, rather than do something sane like change their plans, they simply had Austin baited out of the match (without being eliminated) and then beaten down and taken to hospital, while Vince lounged on commentary at ringside while still technically being in the match. While those two did that, the match was plagued with long periods where nothing happened, as well as segments such as the one where Kane entered and eliminated everyone, then eliminated himself before anyone else could come out. And then Austin and Vince returned to the match after almost everyone else was eliminated, and Vince won the Rumble due to a distraction finish. Yep. Oh, and Austin ended up with the title shot at WrestleMania anyway, because Vince refused to fight The Rock. So ridiculous.

2 2015 - Royal Rumble #28

Roman Reigns winning really stunk, and that wasn't even the worst thing about it, though he basically just lay in a corner until the last second when he won the match. They literally booed the rock, which is a no-no, and it saw most fan favorites thoroughly dominated by the aging and largely unwanted duo of Kane and The Big Show, at times casually eliminating wrestlers who fans were begging to see put on a good show. Oh, and let's not forget that WWE had Daniel Bryan make his triumphant return after being forced to forfeit the WWE World Heavyweight Title due to injury, put him in the Rumble match early, and then had him quickly eliminated. It was at that point that the fans in attendance completely turned on the match, creating one of the worst atmospheres ever seen at a major professional wrestling event. Terrible, especially in such a recent time.

3 2011 - Royal Rumble #24

Man, this was ridiculously boring. It had me yawning half the time. Basically, for some reason some idiot decided that it would be good to bring in 40 participants instead of 30 this time, and boy was that stupid. The match just went on forever with nothing interesting whatsoever happening. It was an enormous mistake and I really hope that they never do that again.

Not only is this rumble match super long, but it also has a terrible winner: Alberto Del Rio.

4 1995 - Royal Rumble #8

This was at a time where they had barely any talent, but that wasn't all that was wrong with this match. They cut the time between when new entrants entered the ring by half the time, and the match was so much shorter than pretty much any other Royal Rumble. It was even more ridiculous that the two people who started off the Royal Rumble were the final two participants, and even though we know that the whole thing is staged, this made it obvious which nobody likes.

The Rumble that mostly featured a bunch of jobbers with Shawn Michaels and British Bulldog starting off at #1 & #2 and being the last two left.

5 1988 - Royal Rumble #1

I feel bad to put the first ever Royal Rumble on here, but it's true that the whole thing wasn't very polished and fun, probably because it was the first one ever and they didn't really know what they were doing. it was a pretty slow and boring match with barely any excitement.

Well its served its purpose being the inaugural Royal Rumble match but there's really not much to write home about.

6 2014 - Royal Rumble #27

This was a decent one, but I hated how annoyed the crowd was when #30 was Rey Mysterio, not the person they hoped, which I think was Daniel Bryan. They started booing the poor guy, and I can just imagine how terrible he felt. He was probably expecting cheering as he went in to fight, but then the crowd just acted like jerks to him because, shocker, something didn't go their way. Otherwise it was a decent rumble, though not one of the best.

It was terrible because Daniel Bryan wasn't in the Rumble. Anyone for refunds.
Its Joeysworld

7 1993 -  Royal Rumble #6

This had practically no big names, and it was really just a bunch of boring fighting until someone nobody wanted to win came in and chucked everyone left out of the ring.

8 2008 - Royal Rumble #21

Man, I hate to put this one on here, because 2008 is one of my favourite years for reasons and because 21 is my favourite number, but it definitely wasn't great. Sure, the surprise ending with John Cena making his unexpected return from a serious injury that was supposed to keep him out for far longer at #30, and then winning the whole thing was pretty good, but up until then it was boring and not entertaining, and as one website put it " the match was generally terrible, featuring walking fossils Jimmy Snuka and Roddy Piper hobbling their way into the match, Hornswoggle spending most of the match under the ring and not ever getting officially eliminated". It was a pretty bad match up until when Cena came in.

9 2012 - Royal Rumble #25

This was the rumble to feature all three commentators taking part in the rumble including Michael "Freaking" Cole.

This one just really didn't interest me or the population as a whole, and I'm sure many other people agree with me.

10 1996 - Royal Rumble #9

Literally, the title of this Royal rumble should have been Shawn Michaels vs a bunch of losers. It sucked so badly, just him beating everyone else. It wasn't extremely boring, but it was no competition and practically nothing surprising happened, which we always love to see

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11 2003 - Royal Rumble #16
12 1997 - Royal Rumble #10
13 2000 - Royal Rumble #13
14 2022 - Royal Rumble #35
15 2017 - Royal Rumble #30
16 2013 - Royal Rumble #26
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