Top 10 Positive Traits of Millennials

Millennials are generally people born from 1980 to 2000. Generally, at the core, people from age 20 to 30 fit in the group. The word millennial tends to carry a negative stigma but there's also a lot of good traits that our young generation has.

Just to clarify, THIS IS NOT A GENERALIZATION OF ALL MILLENNIALS. This is simply talking about averages, and on average millennials are more likely to be...
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1 They learned from their parents mistakes

Baby boomers' parents never talked to them about life so they made a lot of mistakes. Thankfully millennials were able to witness these mistakes and know what not to do.

We've seen unpleasant marriages break apart. We've seen charming manipulators in relationships turn into abusers. We've seen the pursuit of a bigger house and more materialism result in debt. And so on.

No more spankings even though some modern mommies do that!

My parents never married.

2 The recession will make them resourceful

The recession that has plagued millennials just entering the job market will have many negative effects but it will also build their character. Our generation knows not to abuse our credit cards and we know how to say "I can't afford that right now so I'm not going into debt."

3 They place a high value on education

High school graduation and college enrollment for our generation is the highest it's ever been.

4 They question conventions

There's a lot of beliefs and traditions in society that have been accepted by past generations but we look at them more objectively since we don't have the nostalgia of the good old days.

5 They are politically independent

Compared to previous generations, less millennials identify as Democrat or Republican in the United States. Maybe in a few decades, third party candidates might actually stand a chance.

Yay. A bit tired of the mainstream politics, let's modernize it all

6 They're more tolerant

Baby Boomers grew up in the days of racism and when you would go to prison for being in a relationship with someone the same gender.

We more tolerant of homosexuality, soft drug use, people of different races, cultures, sexual orientations and lifestyles.

7 They delay big decisions until we're prepared

We're getting married and having kids at later ages. Granted, it is due to economic concerns. But also, it's a good thing in that marriages after age 25 tend to have a lower divorce rate, and a parent that's older/more stable can provide more for their children.

8 Averse to dangerous risks

Drugs, crime and casual sex are at all-time lows for millennials.

9 Are savvy with technology

We basically grew up with high-speed internet, microsoft office and other applications. We're well familiar with it and computer illiteracy in general practically does not exist.

In the 90s I never had the internet will people stop saying every millennial had the internet then. I only had around 2 video games for my playstation and a couple of demos in the 90s.

People say every millennial is always on phones and computers. Do you think of the Amish Millennials? The millennials who live in North Korea?

10 They are pragmatic idealists

Neither as blindly optimistic as baby boomers, nor notoriously cynical as Gen X'ers. They do expect big changes in the world and our social norms, but they are also aware that progress does not come easy. We know that progress comes slow no matter how hard we work at it, but we still expect things to change.

The Contenders
11 They support LGBT movement
12 They support black lives matter movement
13 They support Juneteenth
14 They are environmentally conscious
15 Are not clones

Most of the world hates Millennials
For what being born in 1981-1994? Why are you irritated by people born in one of those years.
Not every Millennial is the same.
Think of Millennials with Autism, Downs Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia!
Oh you don't think of disabled do you or you wouldn't be hating Millennials so much.

We are not all the same. There is two lists for hate.

16 Aren’t harsh on their kids

No, but some can be very neglectful and let their brats scream in public and give them phones as babies!

17 They love animals
18 They support civil rights
19 They can fight the hate
20 Can take computer breaks
21 They know that the cancel culture is stupid
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