Top Ten Prettiest Webkinz

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1 Sherbet Bunny

It's so soft and pretty. It's a nice purple color, and the fur is almost tie-dye with hints of other colors in it. I love the sherbet bunny. I have four of them now.

The lilac colors on its fur make it really pretty.

2 Love Puppy

The facial features on this dog are nice and cute. The creamy white mixed with the red and pink hearts really creates a beautiful effect. I have one love puppy. Her name is Violet.

It has lovely hearts and pink ears on the inside and paws too, which makes it a pretty pet to have for Valentine's Day.

So adorable. My favorite rare Webkinz. Will ask for it for my birthday.

3 Splash Dragon

This one is awesome. It is a nice blue color and has iridescent blue fins (or whatever you want to call them). I have one of them.

4 Peace Puppy

This pretty Webkinz dog is white with candy blue ears and paws. It has various colors of peace signs scattered on its body. It's colorful, cute, rare, and promotes peace. I have one.

5 Tie Dyed Puppy

This puppy has a cute face and is very colorful. The colors mix and mingle on the body of this pup, creating an almost neon, very colorful effect. I have one.

6 Seal

This one may not be colorful, but it has a cute face. It has a creamy white color and a soft texture. It is a classic Webkinz. I have one, maybe two of them.

7 Winter Fawn

The light blue color of this animal is soothing. The metallic silver hooves of this animal combine with the blue coloring and create a winter effect.

I've had one of these since I was 8, and it's still one of my favorites in my collection.

8 Signature Arctic Fox

Beautiful Signature with a well-made face and body, sporting a luxurious tail and slightly off-white fur. Maybe someday I will find one at a reasonable price and be able to get it.

Not only does this Webkinz fox have a sweet, white color, but it also has a cute face. It is a signature Webkinz, so it looks very realistic.

9 Tree Frog

This frog is a bright, green color with orange feet and underside. The large eyes add to the beauty and cuteness of this animal. It reminds me of the rainforest. I have this animal.

10 Blossom Sea Turtle

This one is a nice lavender color with white and red flowers on its back. It reminds me of Hawaii.

The Contenders
11 Signature Timber Wolf
12 Signature Husky
13 Cocker Spaniel
14 FrooFroo Fox
15 Springer Spaniel

It's very cute and realistic. The fur is soft and curly in some parts, with long floppy wavy ears. It also has cute, different-sized brown spots on its muzzle down to its paws. To me, this is the Webkinz I've wanted since I was little and want as my 100th Webkinz.

16 Yellow Lab
17 Leopard The leopard is one of the five "big cats" in the genus Panthera. It is one of the most adaptable and the most widespread big cat; it's secrets being:well camouflaged fur; its opportunistic hunting behaviour, broad diet, and strength to move heavy carcasses into trees; its ability to adapt to various... read more
18 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small spaniel classed as a toy dog by The Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.
19 Sapphire Pegasus
20 Pug

The Webkinz pug is a wrinkly bundle of cuteness. They love hugs, as in their song, "Hug a Pug." If you don't have one, get one today. This is my absolute favorite Webkinz pet.

21 Bubblegum Cheeky Dog
22 Chocolate Lab
23 Snowflake Puppy
24 Spook Pup
25 Signature Marble Cat
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