Top 10 Worst Brony Stereotypes

As a brony, you might encounter common stereotypes direct at you but what is the worst stereotype you can hear from them?
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1 All bronies are gay

Bronies are not all gay but blokes used to say this: My Little Pony so skinny and bony went to the circus one day she farted on purpose and blew up the circus and that was the end of her day. The main thing that has changed is the animation the big eyed, smaller than the original ponies

I hate this stereotype so much! Using gay as an insult in general is wrong! It's like saying that is so Mexican! I will have you know(for anti-bronies) that I am dating a super hot chick who is the same age as me(17). Also, I have a lot of LGBTQ+ friends(I have a lot of friends in general; only 15% of them are LGBTQ+ and most of them(lgbt) are lesbians and bisexual girls), and only one of my bisexual friends who is a girl likes mlp. I am not even a "femboy" and still like ponies. I am a very masculine guy.

2 All bronies are cloppers

I hate it when people stereotype fanbases based on a majority of said fanbase. Even though the cloppers are disgusting, not all the bronies are cloppers.

Yes, you haters, it's possible to like something without sexual thoughts getting in the way.

All of these are similar to weeaboo stereotypes. I like My Little Pony but I'm not apart of the fandom to be honest.

3 All bronies are Nazis

I love mlp but I am not a Nazi. I am in fact a Jew and an anti-facist. I think mlp might be a sign for a better world, where people can be who they want to be and we can all get along!

How is 'gay' above this? 'My Little Pony' and 'right-wing' do NOT belong in the same sentence!

This makes me miss the days when people called us gay.

4 All bronies are pedophiles

Anyone who says this is either lying or just really, really stupid.

Which part of the picture suggests that rotten word?

5 All bronies are spoiled brats

That image makes as much sense as a male Pokemon fan in a dress.

Why is there an adult baby in that picture?

I have a friend she is a brony but she is a nice person and I think she isn't like that

6 All bronies are autistic

STop using autism as an insult it's a real problem!

7 All bronies are unwashed neckbeards who live in their mother's basement

I don't even have a basement so how can I fit into this?

I don't even have a basement in my house...

8 All bronies draw pony porn art

I rather not have a picture for this one because it will be disgusting. Imagine having a picture of this for the item?

9 All bronies disrespect opinions

Well you do attack people who are against Bronies more than the Anti-Bronies.
Bronies was supposed to be a 4chan joke.
Do you really think Bronies existed in the early generations?

10 All bronies are immature

Maturity is based on how you treat others and your ability to take care of yourself, NOT what TV shows you watch. Not understanding such a simple concept is immature in and of itself.

Yea you are really.
Why do you think your fandom was called The extremely unexpected adult fans of My Little Pony.

You watch and play with ponies which are baby horses.

Not all are, you might find a man buying pony toys immature but I don't. Most adult bronies have already grown up before they watched MLP

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11 All bronies are insane

Can be if they marry a Twilight Sparkle toy.

I can be insane sometimes due to hatred but I really hate this stereotype, it's cancer

12 All bronies worship MLP

Not true. I'm a brony who hasn't watched a single episode since I got into Futurama and Bob's Burgers.

Well it is true just click on DeviantArt.

This stereotype is kind of true...

13 All bronies are only think about MLP and don't care for other shows

I fit into this stereotype, I rarely watch any other show since getting into My Little Pony. Sadly barely anything else today is good anymore, I watched only one Gravity Falls episode but I never got into it, same for Steven Universe whilst my interest for other shows died away. I think mainstream T.V. is trash. :(

This is a stereotype with me, but instead of MLP, it is with PPG. I can't find a show better to watch than PPG.

14 All bronies only care about MLP
15 All bronies hate metal music

What the? Because its not the genre of music they'd play in it?
People can listen to any music they want to.

TheMysteriousMrEnter in a nutshell but I am a brony who loves metal. A user on deviantart also likes MLP and Metal music

16 All bronies are closet transgenders
17 All bronies never shut up about MLP
18 All bronies have long ponytails
19 All bronies believe that every anti brony is a bully or troll
20 All bronies want to date the Equestria Girls
21 All bronies have cutie marks
22 All bronies use exclamations from the show
23 All bronies are not masculine
24 All bronies hate sports
25 All bronies are drag queens
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