Top 10 Most Depressing Colors

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1 Gray

Gray is neutrality personified. It is the middle ground of all colors. While perfect order is peaceful, it is also boring.

Definitely the most depressing color. It displays emptiness and a general sad mood.

The first thing that it reminds me of: a rainy, gray, and depressing day.

2 Black

This color is beautiful. It can be depressing, but it is still my favorite. Most of my clothes are this color. I do not know what that says about me.

All you see is darkness, nothing, emptiness. It also kind of just reminds me of everything and nothing.

The edgelord or goth favorite, no offense to anyone. Well, it does symbolize the dark, so they sort of have a point.

3 Brown
4 Dark Blue

It is like the color of the bottom of the sea, which reminds me of sinking, or feeling trapped, and unable to breathe. Or it could represent feeling super low and unable to see the light.

Dark blue? Well, this color reminds me of when I was little. I was drowning.

5 Beige
6 Dark Purple

The reason is that it is dark and it will keep light out.

Like the night sky, beautiful but sad.

7 Maroon

Depressing, just like the high school jerseys you love yet regret.

Maroon is the color I see every three days first thing in the morning.

8 Orange-Brown
9 Dark Red
10 White

White: Blank and empty. It leaves you in silence, alone. It kind of makes you feel depressed and meaningless. Although other people may say the darker colors are the sadder ones, I think white is the saddest for me.

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11 Blue
12 Dark Green
13 Navy Blue

Yes, it is depressing. Yes, I do think it is depressing. How about you?

14 Pantone 448C

Okay, so I looked up this color. I advise you not to do as I did.

15 Yellow
16 Olive Green

It reminds me of war and, well, olives, which I find gross.

17 Purple
18 Pink
19 Pale Dark Blue
20 Yellow-green
21 Pastel-Blue
22 Aqua
23 Orange
24 Deep Mauve

I hate this color. It makes me sad just looking at it. I REFUSE. It is the worst color ever.

25 Lime-Yellow
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