Top Ten Reasons Why Public Bathrooms Suck

Public Bathrooms suck. They suck even more if you're a guy. If I missed a point please add it
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1 Nobody bothers to clean it

In my country, it is a legal requirement to clean the bathroom stalls every day or at the very least once a week. However, it gets dirty so quickly that no one notices.

I remember seeing crap in a urinal, and it stayed like that until someone filed a complaint.

2 It seems like every single person misses the toilet
3 They smell

I have been in a public bathroom that reeks of urine, feces, and old, rotting period blood. It smelled so bad that I couldn't use it. I almost barfed.

Even if they look clean, how much they stink is still enough to put me off going in them.

4 The toilet paper there is like sandpaper

A few of them have paper that's literally like tracing paper. My ultimate workaround is to always have tissues on hand.

5 The stalls are covered in swastikas, phone numbers, and other scraped out drawings in the paint

In the bathroom at school, I see stalls covered with words and hearts saying, "(girl) + (girl's crush) forever!"

6 The lines are always super long

This happens only if you are a girl, and I am a girl. I drank too much Coke during lunch at school. After the sixth period, I had to pee very badly, but the worst thing is that I had to wait! There were about 15 girls waiting in line. I almost went to the boys' bathroom, but it was closed for cleaning!

7 The water in the sink is either like lava or like ice

Damn you, taps... One day you'll pay for scalding my hand in front of ten people!

8 Hand dryers are extremely loud

Until I was about ten, I couldn't use public bathrooms at all because the hand dryers were just so loud. I either had to wait until I got home or use the disabled bathroom.

I kind of have a thing about public bathroom hand dryers. They are so noisy, especially ones like Dyson Airblades. I have had really sensitive ears since I was a kid.

Not only are they incredibly noisy, but they also don't dry your hands completely.

9 Broken doors
10 There are no lights, just that wavy glass window

Yes, it makes them so dark and dingy.

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11 The hand dryers don't work
12 Limited time in stalls or urinals
13 People don't bother to flush

I know! Once, I went into a public bathroom, and the toilet was so overloaded with poop that it was blocked.

Gross. I hate seeing this in my high school bathrooms, where people should be mature enough to flush.

14 The "out of order" sign can be found in nearly every corner
15 The door is like 100 pounds
16 Fire alarms and the loud flush

Loud flushes are the worst when they flush automatically. One time I used the toilet, and I nearly crapped my pants when the toilet automatically went off the second I got up.

17 They’re unsanitary
18 Extremely thin toilet paper

No matter how much I use, it always rips, and I end up getting pee all over my hands.

19 Used pads and tampons
20 The men and women are separated
21 When you can't hold your pee and there's a long line
22 Urinal problems

One time I saw a cigarette, gum, and a pencil in one urinal at a Super America.

23 People who vomit, but don't flush the toilet
24 Running out of toilet paper

And then you have to awkwardly ask the person next to you for some.

25 The are always dead quiet
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