Top Ten Ways to Make the United States a Utopia

While I think most can agree that they love their country, as do I, you have to agree that our country isn't perfect. Here's some ways to improve it.
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1 Rebuild the Middle Class

The middle class has been shrinking since the 1970s, which isn't acceptable. We need to find ways to promote the growth and the stability of the middle class, which will lift millions out of poverty, and help the economy. Some ways to do this are to

Cut taxes for millions of low-income and middle class families.
Increase spending on infrastructure.
Provide families with paid sick and paternal leave.
Invest in early childhood education, and provide more aid to students.
Drastically raise the EITC.
Protect the right to unionize in the workplace.

And there are, obviously, many more solutions as well.

2 Invest in Mental Health

Gun violence is a major problem in the U.S. for far too long. Proponents of gun control state that countries that have passed stricter laws have had less shootings. While this may be true, what they cannot deny is that if you do not attack the problem at the source, then gun control will solve nothing. We need to invest more funds into our mental health institutions in order to prevent crimes like this from happening in the future.

This is the most true statement I've read.

3 Improve Public Schooling

What people need to realize is that spending more on public schools doesn't necessarily make them better. Massachussetts spends way more on schools than New Hampshire, but NH has much high average test scores.

What I think they should do is privatize public schools. Still make them free and payed for by the state, but the groups running said schools will be more incentivized to make the schools higher quality because their paycheck is riding on it. If they do a poor job, the state can just hire a different group to run said school.

4 Separate Money and Politics

Too often large corporations or wealthy diners bribe political canidates to vote for their own interests. By diminishing the influence that money has on politics, the system will be more equitable and less corrupt.

5 Decriminalize Drug Usage

It never made sense to me why we would arrest people who feel vulnerable and have an addiction. Instead of arresting these people, we should be helping them. Many countries with drug epidemics have decriminalized drug usage, and the results were less drug-related deaths and less crime. We should join these countries and show a little compassion and understanding to these people.

I've never thought about this before, but this is a very good idea. If someone uses drugs due to depression, emotional problems, etc. They should be helped, not jailed.

6 Convince People to Live Healthier Lifestyles

The US has become so fat and so wasteful, we buy so many things we have absolutely no need for (a new phone every year, 100 pairs of shoes, a T.V. in every room) and we constantly gorge ourselves on 4-6 meals a day while the poor in our own neighborhoods are struggling to eat. If America could have a state of mind similar to that of the world wars (conserve food, resources, etc.) we could really rebuild our country and defeat isis so we could lower our military spending.

The U.S. is the most obese country in the world. This not only harms the people who are obese, but it also hurts everyone else, because this raises health care prices for all. We need to reward people who have healthy lifestyles.

7 Improve Public Transportation

Our public transportation system is lacking in many areas. By improving it, we could create jobs, protect the enviornment, and have less traffic.

8 Reform Welfare

While most people on welfare actually need it, many abuse the program, or completely rely on it instead of getting a job. There are many proposals to fix this, but one of the most popular I'd the negative income tax. Similar to the EITC (in a way, it is a negative income tax), instead of getting food stamps, you basically get a check from the government. Instead of paying taxes, you get cash back. The great things about this is, you get more benefits the more you work, so it rewards work, and two, ou have to be a citizen to collect the check, which will discourage illegal immigration. A main proponent of this system was Economist Milton Friedman. This system could lead to less people in poverty, and a better economy.

9 Protect the Environment

Whether or not you believe in climate change, everyone can agree that we are destroying the environment every day. We need to end our dependency on oil and other fossil fuels, and focus on pursuing alternate energy. This will lead to less dependance on the Middle East for oil, a better economy due to the jobs that would be created by cleaning up the environment, and, obviously, a cleaner environment.

If things keep going like they are, the environment will be gone by the next century

10 Address the Negative Effects of Consumerism

While are economy relies on consumers, many Americans take it too far. Greed is a major problem in the country, and many believe that material possessions can make you happy. Obviously, this isn't true. We need to be a more unified culture, look out more for one another, and be more charitable.

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11 Ban Religion

Don't ban religion; just take it out of schools so kids can choose their beliefs for themselves.

Hmm...what happened the last time a completely atheist government banned a religion and the people that practiced it...something about Nazis and communists and millions of dead people...

Ever heard of freedom of religion?

12 Reserve Guns for Only for the Military

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Every citizen with a gun (statistically speaking) is anything but a well regulated Militia. The number of gun deaths is anything but a secure and free State. This amendment needs to be amended again.

Here's what I think: we should still have gun restrictions while still allowing people the right to bear arms.

13 Make Third Parties Viable Options

This will only be accomplished if ranked choice voting becomes much more common in the U.S. than it is now. The way things stand now, you can't afford to vote third party.

14 Vote in Libertarian Politicians

This is obviously a pipe dream, but I would vote for a Libertarian.

15 Adopt the Metric System

That would work well, but really wouldn't make much of a difference.

Ok but we have to keep using Fahrenheit when measuring temperature. It's way easier.

This already has happened to an extent. All the US customary units (foot, pound, gallon, etc.) are defined in terms of SI units.

16 Put a Libertarian Capitalist System Into Place
17 Adopt Democratic Socialism

The wealthiest nation could be paradise if all is shared among their population and banning the private property.

18 Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back to the US
19 Break Gender Norms
20 Get Rid of the Establishment
21 Ban Conversion Therapy
22 Provide Universal Health Care
23 Lessen the Influence of Political Parties on Candidates

Candidates should be more willing to be individual and not talking robots for the 1 percent.

24 Give Corporations Less Power

Corporations control the government because they control the people in the government. You don't solve this problem by giving the rich big tax breaks so they can have even more money to go out and buy politicians.

Seriously, Corporations control the government.

25 Force Gender Equality
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