Top 10 Smartest Zodiac Signs

I made a list like this just to be curious which is the smartest zodiac sign
The Top Ten
1 Gemini

Amazing communication, INTELLIGENT, hard worker. Can see through different perspectives- Can ace a test without even studying, this sign is seriously amazing!

While other signs can only see things in one way, Geminis can see things through multiple perspectives, and their reflexes are quicker too.

They have quick response and two faces!

2 Scorpio

You might guys know that Scorpios have a dirty mind or that? No no! They Have Perceptive intelligence, because it is a water sign! I don't know what else to explain.

3 Sagittarius

Smartest fire sign.

4 Taurus

I'm a Taurus and I'm super intelligent. Get this higher.

Not To Be Bias But They Are Very Goof At Math

5 Aquarius

BRO LIKE- Aquarius IS the smartest. Sure Gemini is smart but Aquarius think different which makes them unique and smart. So yea Aquarius should be number 1 at this list >:(

Not known for being the brightest star in the zodiac. It's the most eccentric instead.

Because I am an Aquarius

6 Virgo

Ummm why is gemini at top? My sis is gemini and I'm much smarter plus people here only vote their own zodiac sign like-

Umm this sign should be much higher. Very perceptive analytical and intuitive...

7 Pisces
8 Libra
9 Leo

They are arrogant, think they are the best and have an obsession of having friends!

10 Cancer

The smartest zodiac sign ever.

The Contenders
11 Capricorn

They are very smart because they are hard worker!

12 Aries