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1 Royal Rumble

It's so exciting and it's the perfect opportunity for most of, if not, all the wrestlers to join in together in one event. What makes it so great is that you have 30 or so wrestlers and it's unpredictable to know who's going to be the winner. Surprises comes left and right and I can't name one Royal Rumble that ever disjointed me or was it any where predictable. Heck even non-wrestling fans like my folks who never really gave a damn about wrestling, still comes together and watch who's going to fly off the ring.

More than 6 men in a single match SWEET! It can not get any better that the rumble some of the best memories ever like Shawn Michaels Number 1 entrant and the winner WOW! Or triple H winning the longest rumble and Rey staying in the ring longest and winning greatness oh greatness.

The most entertaining match type you can't know who will come next?

The Royal Rumble is the greatest match type in wrestling history. My favorite thing about it is the element of surprise, you can have returns that never thought was possible, and unlike most matches, you can pick whoever you think, change it again, again, again, again and again when someone comes out.

2 Elimination Chamber Match

What's better than a match that starts off as a 1 on 1 Hell in a Cell match, then becomes a triple threat, fatal 4-way, 5-way and eventually or potentially a 6-pack match. All while under elimination rules. The possibilities are endless. I have seen favourites taken out quickly and before even getting an elimination (Cena, Kurt Angle), unlikely alliances, surprising swerves and heroic performances (HBK in first elimination match). This match is by far the most entertaining gimmick in the WWE and is second overall only to a straight up singles match between two top performers (e.g. HBK and Undertaker).

Think Hell in a cell, now add 4 other superstars, locked in bullett proof pods, with 10 tons of steel surrounding them and having to survive 5 eliminations to win. Most dangerous and best WWE match

It should be number 1! it is better than royal rumble!

I personnaly think that any match with jeff hardy is amazing but if jeff wasnt wrestling id vote elimination chamber.

3 Hell in a Cell Match

HIAC is awesome because something I love in professional wrestling is hardcore, bloody, living hell, back and forth, intense matches and hell in a cell is full of it. Nothing is more exciting then watching someone fly from the 20 feet tall structure! It also had the (probably) most famous wwe match ever, Undertaker vs Mankind. The only matches I find anywhere near as exciting as hell in a cell is extreme rules, hardcore, street fight and no holds barred matches. You can tell I love hardcore wrestling, can't you.

Out of all cage matches hell in the cell is best. Because it has the armegeddon match feature which has 6 men fighting in the ring all at once. And not only can you cause hell inside the cage but ontop of it where you can break the cell and cause all hell and you can actualy throw your opponent off the cell!

The most deadliest match which demands for a strong stamina strong endurance
And a fast pace. Which man has these qualities will won this match.

I like the Elimination Chamber but, HIAC has so many great memories, the first ever match, Michaels vs Taker, Mankind vs Taker and the 6 man Hell in The Cell was amazing. that's just me

4 Money in the Bank Ladder Match

It gives any mid card wrestler a major push. Like The Miz and Sheamus. The match is also entertaining with people jumping of ladders and getting hit with them. Almost every MITB match is fun to watch!

This match has lead to giving some superstars a needed extra push. We probably would never see CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, or Dolph Ziggler win the World Heavyweight Championship if is wasn't for Money in the Bank

So many epic moments happen here. Plus it can be used to change stories in an instant. It often brings Mid-Carders to greatness.

It's like a ladder match, but the best part is to see who wins: Who will be the next world champion? That is why it's so exciting!

5 TLC Match

I think it's most entertaining when I'm people's lives are in danger. I obviously I don't want them to die, it's just very entertaining for me when bones or lives are at risk.

There is the most bumps in tlc matches and more moments that make you say oh!
The tlc match is the most extreme match in WWE
Its simply awesome. Its also had a ton of the best matches ever. Think of all the classics

Best match.. ! Everywhere there are tables ladder and chairs. And most dangerous match in wwe history and can destroy career also

Carnage, sacrifice, skills, innovations, heart stopping and eye popping moments... It has everything

6 Three Stages of Hell

These are the best but they do seem at times life threatening.

Most challenging match of all!

3 different matches and best of 3!

Not much used in PG era!

Bring back these!

Best match ever!

7 Survivor Series Elimination Tag-Team Match
8 Iron man Match

If you have the right workers working these kinds of matches the end result is almost always guaranteed to be a match of the year candidate. Also, one of the best matches to showcase how submissions can play a major part in the psychology of a finish.

Best match ever because we can see how tough the superstars are and their skills. One match was John Cena vs Randy Orton do see this match. This was a great match.

9 Bra and Panties Match

Its awesome because you get to see sexiest girls in the world wrestle in their bras and panties!

Yes! This is the best type of match in WWE! Please bring it back then I'll like WWE again!

Its very hot and sexy

10 Last Man Standing Match

I think that's awesome

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11 Electrified Cage Match

A steel cage, but electrified. Also for weapon. Enough' said.

12 I Quit Match

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso's Hell in a Cell I Quit match had one of the best stories I've seen in a match in a long time! Definitely a great match type!

I love it because it's probably the most extreme match ever in WWE

13 Ambulance Match

Full enjoy match

14 Tables Match
15 Buried Alive Match

Sadly, this match is no longer used, but hopefully the Undertaker competes in this match type one last time before retiring.

16 First Blood Match

I love it when I see superstars bleed to death, but now we're watching the stupid PG era with no bleeding this time.

Get rid of the pg rating kids from 10 years ago want to see what exciting wrestling looked like without a stupid pg rating.

17 ECW Extreme Rules Match
18 Hardcore/Falls Count Anywhere Match

This is the best match ever they can go anywhere and can pin anywhere.

The life is your stage, now go live your play.

19 Inferno Match
20 Retirement Match
21 Exploding No Rope Barbed Wire Exploding Ring Time Bomb Death Match

Anyone who has seen Cactus Jack vs Terry funk in the Barbed Wire Rope, Exploding Barbed Wire Boards & Exploding Ring Time Bomb Death Match (or whatever order you want to put the words in) know just how ultra-violent and crazy those Japanese match bookers are. This match was crazy. The barbed wire is common, its something you would see out of ECW, but after a time limit, the ring explodes. Enough said.

22 Ladder Match
23 3 Stages of Hell

This is the match type that pushes a Wrestler to his limits

3 different types of matches without a break

Alas! There are not many of them as we take a peek in history of WWE

24 Single Match
25 Samoan Strap Match
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