Top 10 Scariest Objects in the World

There are some objects in the world that are just downright creepy. Maybe it's because they're haunted by spirits, cursed by ancient gods, or have been the cause of countless tragedies and deaths. Whatever the reason, these objects have become infamous for their terrifying history and the fear they inspire in those who encounter them.

From cursed dolls to haunted paintings, these objects have been the subject of countless legends and stories, each one more frightening than the last. But despite their terrifying reputations, many people still seek them out, either out of morbid curiosity or to try and unlock their secrets.
The Top Ten
1 Annabelle Doll A Raggedy Ann doll that was said to be possessed by a malevolent spirit. The doll was featured in the horror film "Annabelle" and is currently kept in a glass case at the Warren's Occult Museum in Connecticut.
2 Portrait of Delphine LaLaurie A portrait of Delphine LaLaurie, a notorious slave owner from New Orleans in the 19th century. The portrait is said to be cursed and has been associated with strange occurrences, including unexplained movements and eerie noises.
3 Haunted Ledger A ledger book that is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who committed suicide after her husband cheated on her with a prostitute. The book is said to be cursed, and anyone who reads it will experience bad luck and misfortune.
4 The Tallman Bunk Beds A set of bunk beds that were the site of a tragic accident in which a young boy was killed. The beds are said to be haunted by the boy's spirit, and strange occurrences have been reported in the room where the beds are kept.
5 The Crying Boy Painting A painting of a young boy that was mass-produced in the 1950s. The painting is said to be cursed, and numerous house fires have been attributed to the painting, as it is often the only thing left untouched by the flames.
6 The Woman From Lemb Statue A statue that was excavated from an ancient burial site in Cyprus. The statue is said to be cursed and is associated with a string of deaths and misfortunes.
7 Robert the Doll A doll that is said to be cursed and possessed by a spirit. The doll was owned by a young boy named Robert Eugene Otto and is currently on display at the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida.
8 Thomas Busby's Chair A chair that was used by Thomas Busby, a notorious criminal who was executed in the early 18th century. Legend has it that anyone who sits in the chair will experience bad luck and will meet an untimely death.
9 The Delhi Purple Sapphire A cursed gemstone that was stolen from a temple in India in the 19th century. The sapphire is said to bring bad luck and misfortune to anyone who possesses it.
10 Anna Baker's Wedding Dress A wedding dress that was made for Anna Baker, a wealthy socialite who was jilted by her fiancé. The dress is said to be haunted by Baker's ghost and is on display at the Baker Mansion in Altoona, Pennsylvania.
The Contenders
11 Mona Lisa The Mona Lisa is a half-length portrait painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci that has been described as "the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world".
12 Okiku Doll

In 1918, this doll was gifted to a young Japanese girl named Okiku from her older brother Eikichi Suzuki. The girl was delighted to have her new doll and even named it after herself. She would also be playing with it most of the time.

As time went by, Okiku grew ill and perished. After her passing, Eikichi started to notice something unusual about the doll. Its hair was a lot longer from when he purchased it. Its hair fell to its knees. He then cut it back to its shoulder-length hair. Shortly after, the hair grew back. It would just keep growing.

The family started to believe the doll was haunted by the spirit of Okiku and placed it on the family Kamadina altar. Today, the doll is located in a private shrine in the Mannenji Temple in the town of Iwamizawa, Hokkaido, Japan.

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