Top 10 Things to Do If You Meet a Ghost

What would you do if you met a ghost? Would you run? Try to communicate with them? What is the safest way to deal with a ghost haunting?
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1 Contact a Professional

A professional ghost hunter will most likely be able to figure out the source of this problem. However, some people do not trust ghost hunters and think they are fake. The truth is, if you think your house is haunted and you have evidence, you should contact someone in the ghost hunting field.

2 Be Polite

I have learned this myself when dealing with ghosts. Ghosts are more likely to be peaceful and reasonable if you are polite. If you are searching for a ghost, you can try asking it politely to appear and it may do so. It has worked for me on occasion. However, it depends on the ghost.

With a violent spirit, this tactic should be used only as you are running away. Interactions with violent entities almost never end well.

3 Apologize to Them

If you meet a ghost, one of the main reasons for that would be having intruded upon what they consider to be their personal property. They feel violated and angry and wish to drive you away. If you see a ghost which appears to be aggressive, chances are that is why it has appeared. Apologize and leave, and it may leave you alone if you stay calm and don't come back. Some ghosts can be reasonable and understand us.

4 Ask Them Questions

The first question should always be whether you can have a conversation with them. Don't use an app for this, as most of them are fake. Simply ask them to knock on the wall once for no, twice for yes. If they say no, then do not ask them any other questions and immediately apologize to them for intruding, so that they will leave you alone.

If they say yes, then another good question is whether you can help them, which I shall discuss in the next paragraph.

5 Don't Panic

Never panic in the presence of a spiritual entity. They feed off fear, especially the more hostile ones. If you maintain your calm and you are not intruding upon it, the ghost might give up and either try another tactic or haunt a different location.

6 Run

Ghosts can move through walls and doors, but they can't leave their haunting site. Once you leave the haunting site, you should be reasonably safe, unless the entity is demonic or enraged, in which case it may burst through the barrier to attack you.

7 Don't Help Them

I know it's hard not to help a ghost girl running from a predator, but you can't help them even if you try. There is no way to engage in their world, as it is separated from yours. Truth is, helping a ghost may entangle you in many other issues, and the ghost may be a liar who is trying to hurt you.

8 Don't Be a Fool

Nobody likes being stared at, screamed at, and recorded. Don't tick them off by acting like a lunatic. Stay calm and collected, ask them if you are bothering them, and ask if you can record them. If they say no, there is a reason for it.

9 Cleanse the Building

If there is a violent entity or a demonic presence, it is not safe to live there anymore. The typical ghost can inflict minor injuries, while a demon could possess, injure, and possibly kill you and make you insane. Literally. Don't mess with demons. Get them cleansed by a professional and if any further problems occur, leave the building.

10 Live with Them

If the ghost is nonviolent and simply lonely or sad, getting rid of it through a cleansing might make them resentful and angry towards you. If the ghost is not threatening or bothering you, I think it is best to either move or live with them. They're not that bad. They have a scary reputation, but my ghosts, Ted, Richard, and Jeffrey, as well as the ghost in my room who I believe is named Maria, have a life of their own and don't mean to bother you. They can sometimes even be fun to converse with.

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11 Scream
12 Remember They are a Ghost and Cannot Touch You
13 Entertain Them
14 Give Them a Tour of Your House
15 Move Out
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