Top 10 Most Wanted Inventions

Inventions to make life easier or more interesting. As simple as possible in a complex world.
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1 Teleportation Device

Has any serious thought been given to this idea? In order to "teleport" any matter, it has to be converted to energy. The conversion of the typical body mass of a human being to energy in any small period of time (i.e., 1 second) would create a devastating explosion. Even if this could be somehow controlled, think of the complexity of the biochemical components of the human body. The reassembly into an animated and living sentient human being would require an almost unimaginably complex code that would rival the storage capacity of all the computers currently existing on Earth. This idea is science fiction fantasy at best and, in general, balderdash.

I love the idea of having a teleport. It would be so useful. Think about it: say you have to pick your kid up from school, and you have an appointment in 5 minutes. Hello, teleport! Your kid could teleport home, and you wouldn't have to worry about it!

I would much rather warp space to make distances shorter, travel through a portal, or use a realm that has shorter distances translate into longer ones in this dimension. I actually built a portal hall in the nether in Minecraft once.

I guess that's a good idea, but then humans can get into way more trouble this way, and cops won't be able to find any criminals since they can just teleport to Africa or something. I think it's a bad idea, but it's my opinion.

2 The Cure for Deadly Diseases

Personally, I think this should come first. Time travel or teleporting isn't the most important. We wouldn't find a way for it to work well for centuries. Keeping people healthy would benefit us much more, and it shouldn't be too hard to find out if we keep trying to find a cure.

We desperately need a cure for cancer and other deadly diseases. I really do not think that these medical doctors are being efficient and wasting time to find the cure. Therefore, I strongly agree that something needs to be done about finding this cure.

Time travel, teleportation, or any of these other inventions won't help prevent others from dying. The most important thing on Earth and between people is life. Until scientists can bring back the dead, this must be our most wanted invention.

Well, for one thing, Freddie Mercury and millions of other people would still be around. I pray day and night for a cure for these horrible things.

3 Time Machine

If I had a time machine, I would kill Hitler and prevent Abraham Lincoln's death. I would also give cavemen iPads. Additionally, I would attempt to change the world by providing machine guns to Indians and supplying dinosaurs with missiles and food to ensure their survival until today. The Time Machine should be ranked as number one, not number two.

I want to invent a time machine. Not to use it, but to have that feeling that I accomplished the task of making one and that humanity has conquered time. If it was released to the public, it would take 10 second for everyone to abuse it.

If a family member passed, you could always go back and visit them. There are lots of people who wish they could do that, and I think if they actually could, it would be absolutely amazing.

Think of how much better the world would be if we could change the past. Every tragic event in human history could be prevented.

4 Animal Communicator

To make an animal (dog, for example) communicator gadget, you have to record and catalog its barks and movements (the bark is more important) and make notes as to what the bark possibly means. Over time, you will be more certain of the bark's meanings. Have a programmer code the English meanings that will trigger the bark, and there you can already talk to your dog via your communicator.

A bark will be recorded in a common format, such as mp3, and linked to its English meaning, which will appear in the gadget panel. Set up a categorized list of appropriate English language replies, where each reply is linked to the corresponding bark. This way, you can see the meaning of the bark on the panel and select the English message linked to the correct bark from the categorized barks.

Cool, but how will we make it? We will need some kind of human-animal vocal cord thingamajig.

I would love to talk to animals for so many reasons I don't know where to start! So good luck!

5 Instant Learning: Download Knowledge Directly to Brain

Yes, this would be fascinating, but it would require humans to have synthetic implants inside our own brains. Yet, this technology is in development, but being able to alter one's memory bank is harder than it looks.

That would be called cheating in school, but still awesome! As would a brain internet chip, so one can see the internet before their very eyes, via the chip.

Sometimes we don't have time to study! It would be even better if once you put it in, everything that the teacher says goes straight to storage.

If this were to happen, we don't have to study. We just have to spend our time downloading knowledge.

6 Invisibility Cloak

A material to bend light completely around the object it's wrapped around. If light doesn't fall on an object, it isn't seen. If it isn't seen, it's invisible!

The Invisible Suit/Cloaking Device can be extremely useful for the military.

I'll purely be the Phantom of the Night.

Now I'm a true ghost.

7 Hoverboard

Imagine never putting up with another traffic jam, parking ticket, car accident, or hour spent sitting. As long as you had a full battery, a solar charger, and a parachute, you could have fun flying across the city and do some neat tricks too!

It's 2015. We should have those by now.

Cool, I would want that.

I really want this.

8 A Device to Record Your Dreams

I'm pretty curious about what I dream about every night since I forget my dreams a lot. A device to record your dreams so you can see them afterwards would be cool to have.

Did you know you actually dream every night, and if you think you didn't, it's just because you forgot it?

I honestly wonder if someone will actually invent that.

It's possible for me. I'm going to study for it.

9 Salt Water Desalinator

With an increase in the world's population, we are running out of fresh drinking water by the minute. Soon, there will be a worldwide shortage of water in every country in the world. It's already happening in the Middle East, Africa, the "istan" countries, Turkey, Ukraine, and some parts of Asia, especially China. Yes, there are already some desalinators in countries such as Australia, the United States, Mexico, South Korea, China, Japan, South Africa, and more, but they could be improved to gather a lot of ocean water quickly and import it to other water-needy countries. If I were to install ten desalinators in ten countries, I would choose China, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Japan, India, and Madagascar.

Water desalinator works better. But, this invention idea is much more useful and practical than the other ones on the list.

We have all this salt water that could be useful to countries that don't have water/clean water, but we can't use it.

Someone needs to make this.

Water shortages around the world would drive this invention to its maximum potential. It has great capabilities for both the inventor, user, and investor.

This would actually solve a huge problem that mankind will have in about 300 years, and water could be free and no more droughts!

10 A Device for Remembering Everything

I think this device will be great for students to remember their lessons, even older people to not forget or lose something. But on the other hand, it may be a bad invention for some people by remembering bad memories that will cause them to have depression.

If it remembers everything, it literally remembers EVERYTHING. I think we all know that there are some things in your life you don't want to remember but rather forget. This kind of machine could ruin lives, but it's cool.

I need this very urgently, and I forget everything, even mostly where I place things.

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11 Alternative Biofuel That Can Be "Grown" at Home

Gas is expensive nowadays, so I think it would be cool and amazing if I started looking into it. It would be so cool. What do you guys think about this idea I have?

Put the multinational oil companies out of business, and get petroleum out of politics.

This is such an awesome idea!

It is super awesome.

12 Flying Car

Possible, and could revolutionize the oil crisis. Magnetism could be used, meaning no more reason for cars to require the use of gasoline, saving money and the environment.

Think about it. You could drive to Pizza Hut in mere seconds! This NEEDS to happen!

Flying, roadster, and floating car: truly an amphibian car.

I think that's a good idea. I always wanted a flying car!

13 Accurate Lie Detector

An accurate lie detector would be nice, but will never exist because each person is different and sends different signals that a lie detector would respond to. They could be easy to cheat for some people, for example, psychopaths.

I, for one, feel that with an accurate lie detector, it would help the criminal justice system.

Many people lie without even thinking about it. I think it would work great.

Current lie detectors are unreliable.

14 Battery with Long Life

This will never come because they want you to buy batteries more often, so they make them last for short periods purposefully. And that sucks.

Batteries are notoriously short-lived. A device with double the life is worth a lot of money.

15 Telomere Extender Serum

Unfortunately, this would also mean you're more vulnerable to cancer (one less mutation needed). But the idea is kinda cool.

This extends life for humans. Therefore, we can all benefit from telomere extension.

16 AIDS Detector
17 Mind Reader

If people knew what I was thinking, they'd stay away from me.

If you are really curious or want to know what someone's thinking

18 Wishing Machine

I misread that as a washing machine, but yeah, everything will be mine. End world starvation, anything.

I wish for a wishing machine... But you could wish for someone dead...

That way we can have whatever whenever!

The world would be crazy with this!

19 Bio-engineered "Mealfruit" That Provides 100% of Nutritional Needs and Can Be Grown In Home Garden

This might be very useful for astropioneers when they move to Mars. The plant providing this wonder fruit should also produce 10 to 20 times more oxygen than a regular plant and should grow very fast.

First of all, a home garden requires a machine that can control the entire system.

20 Batteries that Work Forever

That would be extremely helpful for the environment.

21 Glow In the Dark Trees

It would help a lot of people if this was possible. Any light helps people who have to walk on dark streets or live on a dark street. Any crime no one wants to be seen (lights shine).

People would never be scared of the dark again - only the creepy cherry tree at the end of the lane.

No more terrified kids screaming through your window at night.

22 Vehicles that Can Transform Into Planes or Boats
23 Replication Device That Can Produce Any Product Design In Database
24 Fast Elevator

That would actually be dangerous because of the extreme g forces and they would crush our bones.

25 Levitating Chair
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