Top Ten Things That Could Happen to Us After Death

The Top Ten
1 Total nothingness

I heard that your consciousness has out-of-body experiences after you die and that your consciousness can move around. There is no such thing as nothing because you can't experience nothing. The only time when there was nothing was before you were born.

After you die, there has to be something, in my opinion.

Don't worry. You're not gonna be like this after death. Quantum Physics proves that consciousness is moveable, going to another place. This can make out-of-body experiences happen (like Heaven).

You only lose your body, and you wouldn't want it back because it's probably decomposing.

2 You realize you were only sleeping in a superior world, and the experiences in this world were just one long dream

This would be brilliant, even better than Heaven. (Sorry, Christians)

Our life on Earth and the other planets with just bugs in the Milky Way. The sun either killed someone with skin cancer, or it was just fun in the sun. The moon landing people think was a hoax. People thought the Earth was flat even though it was debunked in ancient history.

But how BIG would this superior world be? It would have to be gigantic to be a superior world. Bigger than Heaven.

We could be snoring right now 24/7 in a superior bedroom. When we pop our clogs, we will awaken, and my first word would be BINGO!

3 Go to heaven
4 Rebirth

Reincarnation is what happens when you die. Some kids have actually remembered their past lives, and the things they got right were eerily similar. There is no Heaven or Hell, there is no afterlife, there is no eternal dream, and there is no "total nothingness."

I believe that when people die, they are reincarnated. They go inside another child's mind, but they have no idea who they were before.

This will actually happen, and then we will never die, YES!

5 Eternal dream

You can dream your last living second forever. Because time loses its sense, our brain can't perceive it passing by. So, either the end of the universe and beyond happens infinitely fast OR our mind pauses time for us.

After death (like sleep), you start dreaming (forever).

6 Live in the world of black holes

Black holes are areas, usually in the center of galaxies, that have a strong amount of gravity. They suck up the rest of the galaxy and rip it to shreds.

Black holes are very mysterious. It is here where all physical laws break down. Maybe all spirits reside in this singularity.

7 Get transferred to a parallel universe, getting born again as the same person, living the same life again, with erased memories

Scientifically, this isn't possible. Scientists like Albert Einstein have proven that time travel is possible for matter (if consciousness is matter), but only to the future.

But then again, you'd need a wormhole or to bend the space-time continuum or something, which humans won't be able to do long after Earth is gone. Hey, at least the afterlife in Heaven has been sort of proven.

This is what I think happens, except a bit different. I believe we die and we're dead, but the whole world starts again at one point. So, it's just a continuous cycle of living the exact same lives.

I mean, we might have lived this life with the exact same everything a few times. If you don't understand, the same thing happens on Futurama's last episode.

8 Realize that you were only playing a role-playing-game in a superior world
9 Become a ghost

Just think about it. Being forgotten, walking along in the street knowing no one can see you, or hear you, or feel you. Cut off from the rest of the world, watching time go past and knowing your time is already up, and living that way forever.

10 Eternal Peace
The Contenders
11 Become a star

It means become a star in the sky.
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

12 Reliving your best moments in life forever without any memory of reliving them over and over
13 You are reincarnated onto the planet in another galaxy where the dinosaurs were reincarnated to.
14 Go to hell

Why would you want to go to Hell? Hell is the worst place you can go to after you die. In Hell, you suffer and burn for eternity. You see the wicked, the devil, and demons. Who would want that? I wouldn't.

15 Pain
16 Become an angel in heaven
17 Rebirthed as an Alien
18 Possess another person's body
19 You realize death is an illusion
20 Conscience uploaded to computer, but with taxes involved
21 You're buried six feet underground
22 Tortured souls
23 You get buried and everyone forgets about you
24 You get transported to a cartoon world
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