Top Ten Unusual Ways People Have Actually Died

When someone dies, you may think it is of some disease, or other causes. But, these causes would be funny to explain at the funeral!
The Top Ten
1 A lawyer in Canada wanted to test the fact that the windows at his office in a skyscraper were unbreakable, but when he tried, the window popped out of its place and he fell to his death.

Garry Hoy, a lawyer in Toronto, Ontario, fell to his death from the 24th floor of the Toronto-Dominion Centre while demonstrating to a group of visitors that the building's windows were "unbreakable". Hoy threw himself against the glass, which indeed did not break; instead the window popped out of its frame.

I think he was, in fact, drunk and showing off his windows' unbreakability to his friends.

Yet another "the ship's unsinkable" moment...

2 A person involved in an Ohio court case wanted to explain how the person that was "murdered" really killed themselves. As he demonstrated with a gun thought to be empty, he shot himself.

Clement Vallandigham, a lawyer and Ohio politician defending a man accused of murder, accidentally shot himself while demonstrating how the victim might have accidentally shot himself. His client was cleared

Great list and comments Turkey! For me it was between this and the guy trying the unbreakable window!

He at least made his point, and the man accused of murder was proven innocent.

3 Two unsupervised children decided to drop furniture from their 27th story apartment building onto civilians.

First of all, where were the parents? The judicial system should have severed their parental rights before the first couch hit the ground. If only I could have been a fly on the wall when They met with the insurance adjuster. "what do you mean it's not covered". All I had to deal with was waking up after dozing off, only to discover that my toddler had used a permanent marker and scribbled all over my neck, arms and legs. There is a reason they call it "permanent"!

They didn't know they were civilians, and when asked why they were doing this, they replied they were trying to crush those "ant-looking things" on the main floor. Theu started off with food, but later even threw a television off.

4 A man was bet by two women he couldn't have sex all day for $3,000. He succeeded on the bet, but it was due to him taking an entire bottle of male enhancement pills. He later died of heart complications.

It took that much effort to avoid sex? I know some people wouldn't call that a problem, but I would.

I've got to warn the perverted people out there NOT to try this one at home.

That is just too much of a sex craving. Society is pathetic.

5 A Chinese poet once drowned while embracing the reflection of the moon in a river, apparently kissing the reflection.

Kissing the reflection is clearly an understatement. That bloke was dunked to death, much like that woman who thought she was a biscuit.

He or she was pretty clearly either some wise philosopher or an absolute idiot, or maybe even both.

I have heard poets describing the urge to touch the moon reflection in water, but actually doing it? - NAH! This guy was epic

6 A Russian lady was wrongly recognized as dead, and woke up during her own funeral. She died of a heart attack after finding out she was in the casket about to get buried.

I can imagine right after she really died, the people were like, "Okay, she's dead for real now, in she goes."

Can't of happened. No one sleeps for 2 or 3 weeks.
A burial or cremation does not take place straight away

This is the perfect explanation of "buried alive".

Thanks for reading!

7 A man wanted to help his wife with her sore neck, and created something that worked like a noose. He wanted to test it so the it was safe, and when he did, he hung himself.

I've got to say it was a good thing he didn't use it on his wife...

That's awful. The poor man was trying to help his wife and died doing it

8 A Brazilian couple stopped in the middle of a busy highway, and were crashed into and killed. They stopped to have sex.

I'm pretty sure nobody should ever, ever try this on the I-75 (Only one of the busiest highways in Michigan).

Now that is pretty disturbing. Why stop in the middle of a HIGHWAY? Do it somewhere else!

I suppose its not a terrible way to go though...

9 At a party in Louisiana full of lifeguards for having no drownings that year, someone drowned, and this wasn't realized until after the party.

Maybe the guards should have not all been partying and SAVED them.

It was really wrong of me to laugh at that, but it's so darn funny!

I mean good job, but not good job.

10 A man was delivered a bill for his own cremation, which was extremely expensive. He got a heart attack and then died. Ironically, after he did die, he was cremated at the same crematory he got a bill for.

Maybe this is how that Company has been marketing its products! Killingly Clever!

The Contenders
11 A man died after his colon was perforated due to sex with a horse

I mean, sure, they always told you to "dream big", but damn...

12 A man was sentenced to death in an electric chair but then it was changed to life in prison but then when he was sitting on the toilet, he was electrocuted and killed by a loose wire.

I guess he was just meant to die via electric chair.

13 A man died of laughter after a donkey ate his figs

What? This can really happen?
I didn't know donkeys liked to eat figs!

Man. I think I could die of laughter. I laugh a lot.

14 A girl died when a Cabbage Patch Snacktime Doll scalped the back of her head

Most cabbage patch dolls aren't dangerous, but, the cabbage patch snacktime doll is dangerous because if you stick your finger in its mouth when feeding the doll toy food, the doll can bite your finger off.

15 A boy died while taking a selfie at the edge of a bridge.
16 Keith Relf was electrocuted in the bathtub playing an ungrounded guitar
17 A man was beaten to death with his own wooden leg.
18 A man died while taking a selfie with a shark
19 A elderly lady's pressure cooker exploded because it had too much pressure. Shrapnel killed her
20 A woman died from an allergic reaction after having sex with a German Shepard
21 A man jumped into a volcanic crater.
22 Death by atomic bomb

Only two nuclear bombs have ever been used in war. Both on japanese cities.

23 A man was checking his town's sewer systems, fell in it, and drowned in human waste.
24 A Greek boxer beat a statue of his dead rival with a stick in secret, and hit the statue so hard it fell and killed him
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