Top 10 Worst Things About Kanye West

Top 10 worst things about Kanye West. He should just stop being so self-centered and enjoy what he has. Kanye if you're reading this, stop caring about yourself and be happy! Beck should've gotten the award for Album of the Year. Life isn't always fair Kanye. Be happy with what you have. You've got money, fame, a house, cars, stop thinking about yourself for once!
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1 He's Egotistical

Oh gosh, the main reason he sucks. The world would be better off without him.

He compared himself to God and Jesus. Enough said.

He's not a good rapper. He's egotistical.

2 He Interrupted Taylor Swift's Acceptance Speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

I know I've been harsh on Taylor recently, but she deserved that award. The music video for You Belong With Me is one of the best music videos. Plus, she had dreamed of winning that award and Kanye ruined it for her.

Not only that, but he also exposes Taylor Swift in 2016 with a stupid line in his song "Famous." I don't get why he hates her so much.

I'm not a Taylor fan, but that was just really rude to do.

3 He Humiliated Two Handicapped Fans at His Concert in Australia

As someone who is a fan of his music, this is just awful.

4 He Said George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People
5 He Thinks He's the Greatest Rapper Alive

He thinks he's the next Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain.

6 His Music is Inaudible

I agree. High pitched soul samples are just not a good idea.

7 He Thinks He's Changing Music for the Better

He is changing music. In a bad way.

8 He Interrupted Beck's Grammy Speech

This wasn't a joke. Afterwards, he stated that he was serious.

9 Anti-Semitic Comments
10 He's Married to Kim Kardashian

Probably the number one reason in my opinion.

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11 He Said that Soulja Boy is the True Meaning of What Hip Hop is Supposed to Be
12 He's Greedy
13 He's Deceptive and Double-Crossing Towards His Fans
14 He's Rude

He punched an 18-year-old and he is 40.

15 He Tries to Snuff Out Others
16 He Exploits His Popularity
17 He Uses High Pitched Vocal Samples from Soul Songs

I mean, I do respect him for trying to stay original, but sometimes ideas like high pitched soul samples don't really work out that well.

18 He Posed as Jesus for the Cover of Rolling Stone

He just insulted billions of people by posing as someone who people really believe in.

He compared himself to Obama, to MLK, and to Jesus! I swear he is the exact opposite of all of them!

There is only one Jesus. Kanye West makes me sick.

19 He Told a Fan in a Wheel Chair to Stand Up
20 He's Racist
21 He Likes Donald Trump
22 His Fixated Fanbase
23 He Said that He is the No. 1 Rockstar of All Time

He butchered a Queen cover live. That idiot isn't and will never be a real rockstar.

He and Rihanna really have no idea what rock is.

He's not a rockstar. Rockstars know how to act like a human being.

24 He Bullied Taylor Swift

When that happened, you could genuinely see Taylor Swift upset. In front of millions of people, he humiliated her. What a pathetic excuse for a man, let alone a human being.

25 His Genre
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