Top Ten Most Hilarious Made-Up Acronyms

For those who don't know, an acronym is something like yolo, bae or lol. (god I feel stupid for saying those)
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1 Seven Crappy Hours of Our Lives (School)

For some it's the seven crappy hours, for some it's the seven celebrated hours, but I guess only a rare few belong to the celebrated category.

Don't get me wrong, I love learning, and school most of the time, but this could not be more accurate.

It's horrible to know our school is nine hours, from 7 o'clock in the morning to 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

Whoever called it "school" is a genius.

2 People Owning Rocky Nuts (Porn)
3 Frankly, a Really Annoying, Ginormous Embarrassment (Farage)

I'm not even British but this deserves number one.

This is the most accurate acronym in history.

4 Mental Abuse To Humans (Math)

Actually, math sharpens the mind. But heck with it, this is funny, so screw logic

This is my favorite one.

That really is!

5 Personal Excruciation (P.E.)
6 Fans Really Obsessed, Zany, Excessively Nasty (Frozen)
7 Massively Irritating, Nonsensical, Awful Joke (Minaj)

This may be a better way of describing her than the "Stupid Hoe" song!

8 Seriously Evil Love For Images Excessively (Selfie)

Why are people so obsessed with themselves?

9 I Paid Hundreds Over Nothing Extraordinary (iPhone)

Crap, meant to vote on this one.

10 Boy's Annoying Low-Life Stick (Balls)
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11 A Mighty, Entertaining, Rattling, Inscrutable Country. Awesome! (America)

Apologies to any American users, but this made me laugh.

Those are all just adjectives.

12 Ultimate Kick In Pants (UKIP)
13 Bitchy Idiotic Evil Bloody Extra Retard (Bieber)

That's going a bit far.

14 Hearing It Pointless, Hate Obstreperous Prats (Hip Hop)
15 Always Unique, Totally Interesting, Sometimes Mysterious (Autism)

I am autistic, and I really like this acronym.

16 The Racist Unfortunately Made President (Trump)

Writing this in late 2015, hoping it becomes invalid by next year.

17 Why Are Stingy People Subsisting? (Wasps)
18 Junior Educated Rich Kid (Jerk)

This reminds me of one one I know. They call themselves both of the above. And he's one of the nicest people Inknow, even if he doesn't love me. :(

19 Potentially Using Great Acronyms (Puga)

Hey, this one is awesome!
It's so accurate

20 Every Villain Is Lemons (Evil)

What's that from again?

21 People Order Our Patties (Poop)

If you don't remember this you had no childhood.

22 Half Of My Energy Wasted On Random Knowledge (Homework)

This is actually funny

23 Total Extremely Sadistic Torment (Test)

Maybe a funnier name would be "Teachers enforcing sadistic torment".

I made this one up.

24 Rarely Original Mirth, Cheesy Old Misery (Rom-Com)
25 Boring, Really Overrated Nuisance Yappers (Brony)
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