Top 10 Things that Smell Good Yet Taste Awful

These items are not only limited to food and drinks, but to objects that have a pleasant scent. Note: don't actually try consuming one of these objects at home.
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1 Coffee

Admit it, we've all been deceived by its pleasant smell, thinking that it's sweet, only to taste its bitterness. Believe it or not, some types of coffee are an acquired taste.

It tastes fine if cream is added to it, but by itself it's bitter despite the pleasant scent.

I drank coffee when I was 5-6 years old because I thought it was chocolate milk, it was bad

2 Vanilla Extract

Do you have this feeling that every time you do baking, you have this strong urge to drink a cup of vanilla extract while popping out the cap?

Smells excellent, can't say I like the taste though.

3 Candles

Candles are typically sold with very pleasant scents. Most of us have never tried eating the waxy part of the candle (and never will do anyway), but mostly we assume it's just as bitter as soap.

How is this not higher? At least coffee is edible.

4 Tea

Certain teas, I'll give you that. Remember that time when an aroma of tea delightfully struck your nose, encouraging you to taste it but only to be disappointed once you found out its actual flavor?

5 Grass

If you imagine the smell of the color green, you'd typically associate that with grass. Freshly cut grass typically smells pleasant, but it tastes what it smells. More of a bland scent rather than awful unless you're a cow.

6 Lemon

Fruits usually contain a citrus smell (wow what a revelation), and taste sweet, but not with lemons.

I dislike the smell, but don't mind the taste!

7 Shampoo

Practically the same as soap, just contains more varieties of pleasant smells.

8 Soap

Some scents of soap can smell pleasant, but nobody wants to taste its bitter side.

9 Flowers

Though not meant to be eaten, most flowers are supposed to smell good. Surprisingly some flowers are edible, and are a good addition to salads.

10 Perfume

Perfumes are good to smell and smells like heaven but it tastes like hell. Perfumes are not meant to be as a drink.

The Contenders
11 Toothpaste

They both smell and taste pretty good, but it's not meant for the human body obviously.

12 Baby Powder

Typically like soap, but leaves a powdery to a chalky texture substance in your mouth, with a bitter undertone.

13 Gasoline
14 Beer

Same as wine. Acquired taste

15 Candy Corn Candy corn is a candy most often found in the United States and Canada, popular primarily around Halloween.

What I love candy corn!

16 Lotion

Depends on the scent of the lotion, but I can assure some scents smell pretty good.

17 Wine
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