Things that Suck About Being Handsome

Think that being handsome automatically means that they have everything easy in life? Think again! We actually got quite a few problems of our own just because we have gifted genes and diet/exercise (well, most of us anyways).
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1 We are judged to no end

Being handsome brings a lot of attention, but not all of it is good. It is a common stereotype that when someone is blessed with good genes that they are automatically "selfish" and/or "jerks". If they're nice, then they're labeled "fake" or "gay". In other words; Good Looks = No Other Good Qualities.

This applies to no matter where they are or where they go; even if its just a trip to the convenience store or a walk down the street. And this will never stop until we grow older and people focus their attention on the younger handsome guys.

2 Social situations suck

When it comes to parties and gatherings, no one wants to talk to us. People from both genders are incredibly intimidated by just our presence; guys are easily intimidated and become jealous while girls automatically assume that we are taken, we are jerks or we won't want to talk to any girl "below our standards".

3 Our dating lives suck

Literally no girls want to talk to us or even be caught looking in our general direction. If we approach "average" girls, they'll assume we're desperate or trying to play them. If we approach attractive girls, they'll also assume that we're players and will take forever to open up to us. There's just no end to the judgement!

4 It's harder to get a job

Studies show that handsome guys are far less likely to get "competitive" jobs as bosses and higher-ups will be incredibly intimidated by the presence of a more handsome guy (or a handsome guy period). This is because handsome men are more perceived as more "authoritative" and "competent" as we can attract attention very easily. Even in team situations or jobs that require little to no social interaction with anyone, not even the "big guys" in the work force are affected just by us being there.

5 We are more sensitive of our physical appearance

It's a clear fact that every good looking person is aware that they're attractive. Any good looking person who says they aren't aren't fooling anyone. This is why we take so much more time than most to make sure we are as presentable as possible. Yet whenever we can't get our hair just right, gain ANY weight, or we happen to have even the smallest breakout, it can instantly put us in a bad mood.

6 We don't like getting gawked at

Guys aren't the only ones who gawk, cat-call and even grope girls. Handsome guys can attract too much attention from the opposite sex even when we're just walking down the street. It can get awkward most of the time, however...

7 We have little to no friends

As stated above, people are far more likely to judge handsome guys in a negative light. This is why very few people are willing to open up to us or become friends with us. Most of the time handsome guys are actually very lonely, which is ironic considering how much attention we get.

8 We have a lot of expectations placed on us

Handsome guys are not only self-aware of their own blessed looks, their family and friends are as well. This is why they can also judge us fairly easily when it comes to how we look. We might get a lot of "you're so handsome" from our mothers, we have to make sure we keep getting that from our mothers. A vast majority of the time they're the only women in our lives who tell us that on a regular basis (heck the only woman in our lives period).

9 We can't get any privacy

Lots of attention = little to no privacy. Enough said.

10 Girls won't shut up about you

Possibly the celebs more.

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11 We feel instantly guilty the moment we eat even a little bit of "junk food"

We can't enjoy the sweet things in life because we have a physical appearance we need to keep up. This means far more fruits and vegetables, and far less cookies, soda and chips. When we finally have a time to indulge, even just a single chip, we feel instantly guilty and want to throw up from our own pathetic-ness.

Look what happened to Elvis Presley.

12 Women that do show unrestrained attraction are usually walking with someone they are in a relationship with
13 Higher chance of being raped
14 People talk to you
15 Most girls hit on you even if you don’t like them
16 Higher chance of being sexually assaulted
17 People pick on you because they’re jealous
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