Top 10 Most Useless and Misused Pieces of Common Advice

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1 Don't give up

Sometimes even if something is possible it is not necessarily worth it. For example, if you had a really tough piece of firewood that you couldn't split with a normal axe, you could hire a machine to split it, but it really would not be a good use of money for just one piece of firewood.

Most "motivational" videos in a nutshell. If you feel like you have hit a wall to the point that you can't accomplish anything further despite trying multiple times, and/or you realize pursuing a goal isn't worth it, sometimes it's better to give up and try another door.

If I see something is impossible, I will give up regardless of people telling me not to. If I see I can do it, I don't give up, again regardless of this "advice".

2 Believe in yourself

I think this one's used as a Jolly Joker if people are run out of ideas.

3 Don't think you can't make your dreams come true

Actually sometimes you have to accept some unrealistic dreams can't come true.

I can't make my dreams come true cause they're about magically growing wings, flying, and not dying right away in Fortnite

4 Be yourself

Playing roles in front of others can be part of being yourself. In addition, what would you think if the doctor told you "For me only two things are important. 1. I don't have a headache, just you. 2. You pay for your visit."? He would just be himself.

As if that was so easy! So many people don't even know who they are, so how is this helpful?

5 Accept yourself

This literally means: Don't improve.

6 Carpe diem

People (mis)use this phrase for consumption. It's the opposite: for me it is about enjoying the part of life that does not stand on money or worries: nature, art...

7 Only time will help

Since this advice isn't time, it doesn't help (assuming only time helps).

8 Nobody is perfect

Yes, but not to the same extent. This is another misleading sentence very common in quotations that wants to mean "Don't want to be better."

9 You can't fit everybody's expectations

This one used to have meaning, but it has been overused like antibiotics. Now it is also used in situations where you just have to fit one person's expectations.

10 Don't follow the crowd

I don't like anything just because the others do. I don't like anything just because the other don't.

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11 Go with the flow

Still less overused than Don't go with the flow.

12 Picture everybody naked

I know this is much more specific than some others but it comes up quite a lot as a way of supposedly relieving nerves. It absolutely doesn't work and thankfully people are realizing this.

This is so pointless

13 Failure is a good thing

I keep hearing this all the time. Not always is it good because it can make you give up.

14 Looks don't matter

OK, in a WAY, this is false. Just let me explain:
Looks don't matter about how other people should be treated, if someone is ugly, then that's fine, and you shouldn't be ashamed of yourself if you're ugly.
But if you're trying to find a date, it's best to make yourself look attractive, because good looks are the attention-grabber.

15 It could be worse
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