Top 10 Hardest Things About Being a Guy

Although women may have the hardest lives of the genders, men have some huge struggles as well. And often people don't pay much attention to them.
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1 Has to Lead In Relationships

Not to mention planning all the romantic dates and flowers and even sometimes massages.

I think that women should have just as much of a right to lead a relationship as us men.

They are the ones to propose, and also the main performers in sex.

2 Susceptible to More Genetic Diseases

Women have two X chromosomes, when Men only have one. This means they have a greater chance of getting diseases that are passed genetically. This is one of the things that leads to men having shorter lives.

I actually didn't know this. Great.

3 Pressure Not to Be Emotional

I'm a girl, I think that it's mean to be laughed at for having emotions. When I was in grade school, my little brother, he was eleven, broke his arm and leg, he obviously cried, and when he came back from the hospital, all the boys were laughing and making fun of him. Why can't a boy have feelings without being bullied?

Class Brat (also bully):Everyone went through the dark maze, right?
Nice Girl:No, I'm claustrophobic.
Class Brat:That's OK.
Cool Kid:I didn't see the see-saw part until I went in with the phone to help (the name of the guy typing this)
Every girl:HAHAAHA! LOL!
Me (in my mind):When I get a car, you better be sorry, because I'll happily run over your new puppy.
PS:I hate puppies. I love cats.

I'm a really emotional person, but when I cry, people think I'm either acting like a baby or that I'm gay. Meanwhile, if women cry, they get sympathy and people feel bad for them.

4 Less Supported by Others; More On Their Own

I've noticed this with some of my friends, who happen to be male. Boys such as myself tend to be particularly competitive, and when one of them struggles or stumbles with something, they are often kicked when down. I do my best to support my friends in times like these, but the people around me can really be heartless. My female friends, on the contrary, always look out for each other. It's one thing I like about them.

Not only do I feel like girl friends support each other more, and do more things as a team, but also society is constantly looking out for women and supporting them in the careers and other areas of their life. Guys are usually just pushed to the back in this

I often find that male friends are not as supportive of one another as females. Guys are often made to work things out on their own.

5 More Likely to Be Falsely Accused of Rape

Even if you're proven innocent, it's most likely not going to be mentioned in the news. Society will hate you, your family and friends will most likely ditch you, you'll get fired because of the mere accusation, and you're millions of times less likely to get a new job because nobody wants to be assossiated with you.

6 Unwanted Erections & Ejaculations

I feel like people shouldn't be made fun of for getting these, sometimes the body just decides it's gonna do something, and you can't do anything about it, like come on, if you see a guy with a random boner, don't pick on em or point it out.

7 Struggle More With Breakups

Science has found that men's health problems often increase after breakups, and they are often more down. Guys probably also get less support after breakups.

Added with the fact that we get less support means a pretty rough time for us.

8 Harder to Make Friends
9 Can Be Drafted

Although it does make sense not to draft women, it kind of sucks that guys are forced to leave the country without a choice. And not just leaving, but risking getting blown up.

It's so sexist that women aren't forced to do it as well!

10 Being Made Fun of for Being Abused by a Girl
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11 More Likely to Receive the Death Penalty
12 Not as Pampered

The girls pamper themselves with an array of things they like, while we boys get nothing.

13 Longer Prison Sentences

Women should get sentences exactly as long as men's (depending on the crime, obviously).

14 Being Stereotyped
15 Women’s Rights are More Enforced Than Men’s Rights
16 Vulnerable Spot Between the Legs

I got kicked in them so often it does not hurt anymore and damn you can bet that the last guy who kicked me in my nuts did wonder why it didn't hurt me.

it doesn't hurt, just get punched A LOT or be born without them just like me and BANG! No pain. Or get used. When you are REALLY angry or want revenge OR simply try to don't care, ignore or get distracted, the pain get out.

Whenever I get hit in the genitals, it feels like my stomach hurts.

17 More Likely to Have Autism or ADHD
18 Lack of Abuse Shelters

If you're a man, there are very, very few. Not to mention, women are actually more likely to abuse men. In America, anyways.

19 If You're Not Manly, Then Others Think You're Gay

This always happens to me just because I'm not a meathead like all of the other boys at my school. I'm sorry that I prefer academics over sports, but that doesn't make me gay!

Just be you boo

20 Most of History's Worst Human Beings Are Male
21 More Likely to be Viewed as Sexual Predators
22 More Likely to Be Colorblind
23 People Only Care About Female Rape Victims While They Make Fun of Male Rape Victims
24 Not Able to Flirt Their Way Out of a Speeding Ticket
25 Your Voice Changing During Puberty

I used to be a really good singer before puberty because I had a really high vocal range and could hit the high notes in songs with a modal voice, but now I have a horrible voice with a very limited range on both low and high notes.

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