Top Ten Worst Properties of Matter to Have an Infinite Amount Of

Be these properties fundamental or derived, an infinite amount will not be good. I've used this list to explain why.
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1 Mass

Imagine that you've just consumed an infinite amount of matter. You'll never be able to lose that weight because you'll become a black hole, assuming you occupy finite space. So you're about to swallow the universe. Plus, you would be unable to change your state of motion, unless you can apply infinite force.

When black holes were first conceived by the scientific community, they felt really uncomfortable about it. They couldn't digest the fact of a possible singularity. And the fact bodies with infinite densities really exist makes this the worst property of matter.

2 Charge

Infinite charge, be it positive or negative, is going to attract everything in the universe of opposite charge and repel all of the same charge, as well as pull in anything neutrally charged. You'd basically be ripping atoms around you apart and obliterating most weak interactions before you become very, very heavy from all that you're pulling in.

3 Energy/Power

Not the same thing, but if one is infinite the other will be, and vice versa. Infinite energy or power would sound useful at first, but there's also the matter (no joke) of this having infinite transfers of this energy to anything that interacts with it. Plus the infinite compression of the spacetime continuum. Bam.

Infinite energy would vaporize anything.

4 Temperature

Scientifically impossible, but infinite temperature would not only destroy the structure of non-fundamental particles, it would have infinite energy in finite space. When finite temperature is enough to form a black hole in given space, it prevents this temperature from escaping past the event horizon, so this temperature would only exist beyond that. Ignoring radiation, this temperature would only be experienced after entering the black hole.

I don't know if Hawking's radiation would ever be proved experimentally. But if it does...then there is absolutely no chance of getting infinite Temperature.

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5 Velocity

Again, scientifically impossible, as we all know, but if you were travelling at infinite velocity, you would be bending spacetime beyond all measure. You would be going infinite distances in literally no time, in fact, before you set off. And as you progress, even the longest wavelengths directed towards you will be blueshifted until a Planck Length in wavelength. That'll be in excess of 12 gigajoules of energy transferred for each photon directed at you. It's gonna sting.

Infinite velocity would mean an infinite blueshift of radiation which would mean infinite temperature.

6 Force

Being subject to an infinite force will raise a classic paradox; the irresistible force paradox. The question is "Can God make a stone so heavy that not even God can move it? ". And, well, no such thing exists, otherwise objects with mass would be able to break the light barrier, plus relativity states that one object can always move relative to another. And also because a force of infinite magnitude would transfer infinite energy. So anything finite that experiences it won't fare well.

There is no amount force used in imagination. Sometimes your imagination can lift / move anything...

7 Entropy

An infinite amount of disorder of matter. This would mean that confining this in a finite space would result in, again, a black hole to consume everything in the universe. But ignoring that, this would also violate the second law of thermodynamics, and would also mean that any finite vector to be applied to this system would be cancelled by the infinite spread of all values.

8 Electrical Resistance

Any current you may attempt to apply to this material would be stopped by infinite energy. Boom.

9 Viscousity

Any fluid with infinite viscousity would be treated as a firm solid, so not only would you be unable to breathe the air around you, the pressure exerted by it would crush everything in its path, and the fluids within your body would stop and suffocate your insides on the spot. But it would also have infinite surface tension, and so would have infinite friction upon it.

10 Pressure

Being under infinite pressure would sum up two possibilities. Either infinite force is applied, meaning that infinite energy would as well, or your surface area is zero. It's unfeasible either way.

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11 Flux
12 Acceleration
13 Friction
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