Top Ten Things That Make a Good Person

This is a sort of personal list for me which expresses my view on this topic.
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1 Respect

I respect everyone when I first meet them. But if they continue to hurt me and show me that they don't deserve the respect they get, I leave them in the dust and walk away. For the most part, I try to show people I respect them.

This is yet another attribute important in making a good individual. If a person respects his peers, companions, elders, family, belongings, nature, the food he is eating, the locality in which he is living, his work, his hobbies, and anything else you can think of, he is bound to become a great individual.

2 Love

Being able to love and being deserving of love is what makes a good person. It teaches you why you want to be a good person - to spend the rest of your life with someone, to always have a friend by your side, and to have parents who will love you.

Love is the greatest thing on the planet. You don't decide you want to spend the rest of your life with someone just because you respect them. I respected my grade 6 teacher, but that does not mean I want to marry him. A good sense of humor, kindness, and humility all make up LOVE. Those things are good too, but as they say, love conquers all.

3 Acceptance
4 Empathy
5 Passion
6 Patience

Having patience is important. It teaches you how to wait for others and yourself.

7 Kindness

Always be kind. It shows people that you really do care about them.

8 Selflessness
9 Guilt

I know that everybody would say that love, compassion, and so on make a person good. But I'm taking a realistic approach here. If a person feels guilty for his bad behavior, he will always try to correct himself. Guilt makes a person realize his mistakes and motivates him to work on them. Total goodness cannot be achieved without this.

This is true. Guilt makes a good person because it indicates that a person has morals, truly understands when they do something wrong, and feels bad about it.

I feel guilty because it seems that I tend to become distant from my friends. I don't know why, but I just do. I think there's something wrong with me. :/

10 Concern for Others

Developing this attitude is really important in becoming a good person. By showing concern for others, you develop a deep bond with them. A healthy society can only be formed by developing this attitude.

The Contenders
11 Flaws

Seriously, this list is about being a good person, not a good robot! Every human has flaws, and people should accept and embrace them.

People should stop trying to be what society thinks a good person is and just be themselves. No matter how hard you try, someone will ALWAYS be better than you at something or in a certain characteristic.

Everyone is going to die, some alone, some together, but most will be forgotten over time. The clock is ticking. Go spend your life doing what you want to do, not what is socially and morally acceptable.

12 Shame

A shameless person can go to any extent and do whatever they want without caring for others. A murderer has no shame in stealing a life. A corrupt businessman can sell unhealthy and potentially harmful products without any shame. A drug dealer sells drugs because he has no shame in seeing people destroy their lives using the drugs he sold them. A terrorist has no shame while killing innocent people.

13 Good Sense of Humor
14 Discipline

Discipline is very necessary for the development of a productive individual. Discipline makes a person responsible and reliable. He is greatly focused on what he does, and he can direct his thinking toward doing something productive every time.

15 Open-Mindedness
16 Humility
17 Honesty

Being honest makes a better person because you feel great when you are honest. It creates peace within you. Honesty might not give you success or money, but it builds self-confidence, and that is what makes life worth living.

18 Forgiveness

It hurts when you don't forgive!

19 Kindness Toward Animals
20 Thick Skin
21 Compassion
22 Good Looks
23 Sincerity
24 Friendly
25 Modesty
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