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141 Good Ol' Whatshisname
142 Loud Beaks

This is a Loud House/Harvey Beaks Crossover. - kcianciulli

143 Lincoln Gets Hurt
144 Lincoln Tells Off His Sisters
145 Leni is Smarter Than Lincoln

You wanna know what episodes this one will be ripping off? I'm With Stupid from SpongeBob and Carl Wheezer: Boy Genius from Jimmy Neutron.

In this episode, Leni decided to act and look smart in front of her friends, and of course, being a total jerk to Lincoln by making him her dimwitted assistant.

146 Blame it on Lincoln

Imagine if the Loud House made an episode similar to Sweet and Sour from the Powerpuff Girls. It's 10 Loud sisters looking all "cute" for no reason, causing so much trouble, and blaming all the bad things they did on Lincoln.

147 Lincoln Gets Grounded for No Reason
148 To Love a Hot Dog

Yep. Loud House's answer to "To Love a Patty" from SpongeBob. Except THIS one is about Luan falling in love with a hot dog that gets rotten.

149 Sun Blood
150 Stuck in the Wringer
151 The Splinter

Might be a rip off of that Spongebob episode when Spongebob gets a splinter. - TBOIsaac

152 Lincoln Loud x SpongeBob

Gay - TBOIsaac

153 Gru's Toilet Trouble
154 Benito Mussolini's Toilet Problem
155 The Rare Card
156 Illuminati

No - TBOIsaac

157 Lincoln x Jabba the Hutt
158 Lincoln Loud x Donald Trump x Kim Jong Un x Ali Khamenei x Nicolas Maduro
159 Breadwinners Comes to House
160 Laos Loud
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