Top 10 Most Caring Zodiac Signs

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The Top Ten
1 Gemini

NO! - UltimateHarms

2 Cancer
3 Libra
4 Taurus
5 Virgo

Extremely caring! My bff is virgo UwU

Virgos all have so much empathy for their friends lmao

6 Scorpio
7 Sagittarius

How is Sagittarius under Scorpio?

8 Pisces

How is this not below every other sign on this list? Pisces are obviously troublesome crybabies. You'd think that if they were so "caring" they'd be able to understand other people by having enough common sense to get to know someone personally enough or communicate well with others. There's a little dose of reality their for you bud.

How is this below Gemini? - UltimateHarms

9 Aries
10 Aquarius
The Contenders
11 Leo 
12 Capricorn