Top Ten Specific Quality of People According to Their Zodiac Sign

Well , this list is based upon Qualities of people according to their Zodiac sign ,
Remember last quality of every Sign is their weak point
The Top Ten
1 Gemini - intellectual, logical, joyful, talkative, gossiping

All these traits are true except I've never met a gemini who gossips :/

Really talkative and happy, amazing friends and are usually popular

I'm intellectual and VERY logical, lol. But I'm definitely not the other three.

Wow pretty close

2 Taurus - friendly, strong willpower, strong instincts, possessive
3 Aries - brave, sincere, dynamic, adventurous and inspiring

I'm sorry I forgot mentioning weak point of Aries, so here it is - Egoism

Perfectly defines me. I adapt to the scariest of things

4 Leo - empathy, expanded thinking, generous, self confident, egoistical

The only thing right about them here is that they're egotistical. Nothing else is true because they have no good traits. They lack understanding of others, have no feelings, and would rather put themselves first before other people because they're careless and selfish like the lions they are.

5 Cancer - sensitive, protective, full of knowledge, strong intuition, emotional

Wow, my Cancer moon is very accurate, unlike my Sun sign Aries. All of these traits suit me, while Aries doesn't at all.

Very fitting for me. Although I wonder why this is named after a disease...

Sorry, but a few only matches. I match with the Scorpio traits better.

6 Virgo - brave, freedom loving, spontaneous, adventurous, childlike enthusiasm, demanding

That's exactly me (but I'm not too demanding, and I'm not childlike all the time), but I think I have a mix of Libra in me too. I'm all those traits above, but I'm also (kinda) strong, imaginative, loyal, and a little aggressive (at times), which is listed on the item Libra

7 Scorpio - power to transform, deep perception, ability to influence others, doubtfulness
8 Libra - strong, imaginative, wealthy, loyal, aggressive
9 Sagittarius - open to new things, philosophical, optimistic, enthusiastic, careless
10 Aquarius - humane, visionary, progressive, objective, rational, rebellious
The Contenders
11 Pisces - sensitive, compassionate, strong imagination, creative, avoids reality

Wow. I'm Aries, but Pisces describes me better than any other sign. All of these traits describe me well. Also, if the thirteenth zodiac sign was real or if I was born a week earlier, this would have been my sign! I sure wish it was.

I'm a Pisces, and these traits fit me so well that it's scaring me.

I love pisces

12 Capricorn - withstands difficulties, trustworthy, patient, determined, organized, possessive
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