Top 10 Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs

Let's settle this once and for all. What are the most dangerous zodiac signs? Which one is the most dangerous?
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1 Taurus

I am a taurus and we are by far the most powerful

I agree I am taurus too

2 Capricorn
3 Cancer

As a fellow Cancer I can grantee that we aren't a force to be reckoned with. We are unpredictable and very passive aggressive and jealous. Those two things could result in a Cancer to commit a crime INCLUDING murderer. Some well known criminals who are Cancers them selves include Richard Wershe Jr, John Dillinger, Christopher Scarver, and Paul Castellano.

I have to be honest we are pretty dangerous And to be honest I talk to my sister about murder a lot

Super dangerous. If you make us mad it’s already too late.

According to an fbi website cancers are the most dangourus

4 Pisces

I'm so glad we got this far! A lot of people seem to think we are emotional crybabies (WHICH IS NOT TRUE AT ALL!) so it's good to see Pisces up so high. And yeah I'm a Pisces.

5 Aries
6 Scorpio

Scorpio is literally the most dangerous because we have most murderous under our name.

Wait but my dad is a Scorpio and he's literally made of fluffballs and kittens...

No I think the Scorpio should be 2

the Scorpio’s I’d used to know gotten away with murder & homicide & never ever gotten arrested & are still on the loose

7 Leo


8 Sagittarius
9 Gemini

Right. I don't understand! This and Scorpio should be top! 1. Gemini and 2. Scorpio. I'm a gemini and my friend is a gemini. You won't believe how dangerous she is...

How? It's says that in Greek mythology times we manipulated people(and gods) to gain power. But dang that's messed up but the past is the past Geminis are better people now -BlaineT05

10 Virgo

9?!?! Virgo is more dangerous than THIS!

The Contenders
11 Aquarius

I'm aquarius it sucks

12 Libra