Top 10 Herbal Extracts at Botanic Healthcare

Botanic Healthcare is one of the globally recognized Herbal Extracts Manufacturers, offering Health & Nutrition Products, Organic Extracts, Essential Oils, Natural Color, to Personal Care Products.

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1 Acacia Catechu Extract

If you are looking for one of the leading Acacia Catechu Extract Manufacturers, you can consider Botanic Healthcare. Acacia catechu is widely used in Ayurveda for treating many diseases. It's heartwood extract; used in asthma, cough, bronchitis, colic, diarrhea, dysentery, boils, skin afflictions, sores, and stomatitis. That's why we manufacture 100% pure and organic Acacia Catechu Extract. To place your bulk order or discuss more, browse our website now.

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2 Andrographis Paniculata Extract

Botanic Healthcare is one of the world's best Andrographis paniculata extract manufacturers. It is one of the most popular medicinal plants used traditionally to treat an array of diseases such as; cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, ulcer, leprosy, bronchitis, skin diseases, flatulence, colic, influenza, dysentery & dyspepsia. Dial our number to know more.

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3 Banaba Extract

Get the best Banaba Extract manufacturers & suppliers at Botanic Healthcare. Banaba is a medium-sized tree, and research suggests that banaba leaves have various medicinal properties. The leaves have been used to treat diabetes in folk medicine for centuries. Get in touch with our team to enquire more.
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4 Beetroot Extract

Shop for 100% pure & organic Beetroot Extract from Botanic Healthcare. Beetroot Extract has so many benefits that enhance our health. It lowers pressure, maintains a healthy weight & it provides nutrients & energy boosts as you start your day. You can call or email us for more information.
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5 Berberis Aristata Extract

Get Berberis Aristata Extract Online at an affordable price from one of the leading Berberis Aristata Extract Manufacturers- Botanic Healthcare. Berberis aristata is used in Ayurveda to treat eye disorders, skin disorders with itching, diabetes, urinary tract diseases, etc. It is the primary source of berberine- an alkaloid that shows immense potential in treating diabetes and high cholesterol levels. Please feel free & call us today!
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6 Bitter Melon Extract

If you are searching for Bitter Melon Extract, your search winds up on Botanic Healthcare. We are one of the well-known Bitter Melon Extract Manufacturers. Bitter Melon is especially rich in vitamin C, an essential micronutrient involved in disease prevention & bone formation, etc. You can place your bulk order here.
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7 Green Coffee Bean Extract

If you are looking for one of the leading Green Coffee Bean Extract, you can consider Botanic Healthcare. Green Coffee Bean Extract weight loss supplement that may have mild to moderate protective effects against many of the biggest health concerns facing us today and is widely used in healthcare industries. To place your bulk orders or discuss more, visit us now.
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8 Mucuna Pruriens Extract

Shop for 100% pure and organic Mucuna Pruriens Extract with one of the best Mucuna Pruriens Extract, Botanic Healthcare. Mucuna can have revitalizing effect on the nervous system and particularly on the brain as it protects cognitive and neural functions and even stimulates neural activity. Have bulk orders? Reach us to discuss more!
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9 Ocimum Sanctum Tulsi Extract

Get Ocimum Sanctum Tulsi Extract Online at affordable prices from one of the leading Ocimum Sanctum Tulsi Extract, Botanic Healthcare. Ocimum sanctum is the Queen of Herbs. It's considered sacred by the Hindus for its legendary healing properties. Its Sanskrit name, Tulsi, means “incomparable one You can get in touch with our team to enquire more about the price, specifications and orders.
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10 Boswellia Serrata Extract

Botanic Healthcare is one of the paramount Boswellia Serrata Extract in the world. Boswellia is a gum resin that has a long history of traditional use. Modern science has established that boswellia interferes with the inflammatory cascade, and supports joint health. If you have bulk orders, feel free to write to us.
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