Top 10 Struggles of Being Naturally Skinny

As a thin person myself, I can say that being skinny and wearing a women's size 0 is a lot harder than it looks. Hell, I'm so thin, I can kinda see my ribcage, but I can't help having a fast metabolism. This list will focus on the struggles of having a fast metabolism (and being skinny as a result) that many people are often unaware of.

Of course, there are some advantages to being naturally slim, but this list will be focusing on the struggles people like me have to face.
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1 Bracelets being too big and falling off way too easily

This is especially the case for those non adjustable rubber bracelets that are usually designed with average people in mind. I have a few and I can't wear any of them without wearing a pair of arm warmers or a jacket just so that they don't fall off. It would be nice if they came in different sizes and they made some rubber wristbands for us skinny people. And even then, I still have to pull them up to my elbow.

Many bracelets, especially bangles and rubber bracelets, are too loose for my tiny, bony wrists. That's why I usually wear scrunchies whenever I feel like wearing something on my wrists.

2 It's difficult or impossible to gain weight

This could either be a good or a bad thing. On 1 hand, you can't become obese and don't have to worry about the health problems that may arise from being of a larger weight, but on the other hand, it's impossible for you to gain enough weight for you look like an average person. Skinny people sometimes get body shamed for being so thin when most of us can't help being this way.

I'm 14 and I only gain around 4 or 5 pounds a year because of this problem. Also, I was born with a solid build, so I have more muscle than fat. As a result, I usually just gain muscle weight instead of fat.

3 People like to assume you don't eat anything

I could eat my entire apartment building right now and still not gain a single pound from it. That's just the way my body is, and I can't help it. Yet somehow, a lot of people assume that skinny people don't eat anything when for the vast majority of us, we eat more than normal people do.

My siblings are always like, you're so picky! And they tease me about it, and it's SO annoying!

I get told that I look sick and that I should eat cheeseburgers.

4 Finding clothing in your size is always hard

For instance, most clothing stores sell clothing in a size small, but they rarely ever carry a size extra small, forcing you to size up. This usually leads to clothing fitting looser than expected instead of having the desired fit.

There was a point where size small clothing from the 90s and 2000s would be the equivalent of the modern extra small (I even have some tight fitting size small shirts from the 2000s as proof), but thanks to stupid vanity sizing, a size small is now what would've been a size medium back then.

And don't even get me started on how it's almost impossible to find a bra that fits a sub 30 ribcage.

5 Being forced to sit in the middle seat

I've had this happen once where I was banished to the middle seat of the car for no reason whatsoever just because of my small frame. I don't understand why I had to sit there when I could've been just fine sitting next to the window like I normally do, but I've heard this is a common problem for my fellow skinny people out there. I mean, wouldn't 3 people be the same size combined no matter where they sit?

It also doesn't help that I'm short, so I think that's why this happened to me considering the lack of leg room in the middle seat.

6 It's annoying when people wish they had your body while not realizing what we have to go through

I've heard a few average sized people say they wish they could have my 23 inch waist while they don't even realize all the struggles us skinny people go through. At least those average sized people don't have such a hard time finding clothing that actually fits them.

7 Shopping in the kid's section for clothes

I hate it when my mom tries to get me to look in the kid's section whenever I'm trying to find some new clothes. I'm 15 1/2 with an hourglass figure and I would much rather look in the women's section instead of getting treated like a little kid. Just because I'm short and thin doesn't mean that I would ever want to wear children's clothes (which wouldn't fit me well anyways because of my shape). I'm not a little kid, I'm a young woman and I wish to be treated as such.

I would shop in the kids' section, but since I'm 14, I've grown out of most of the clothes in the kids' section. So I usually just stick to browsing the women's section because the kids' clothes have too tight of a fit for me, and I generally like loose and baggy clothes because they're more comfortable and they allow air to pass through.

8 Having to deal with body shaming

Us skinny people get body shamed too with comments such as "you need to eat more", "0 isn't a real size" (yes, some idiot named Katie Green actually had the nerve to say this) and people calling you things such as a "bag of bones" or "underweight" (which makes me feel unhealthy with my 17.6 BMI despite the fact that I'm one of the healthiest people you'll ever meet). I had a mental breakdown after my 7th grade gym teacher said the "u" word to my face in September 2018.

Also, even certain songs (such as the infamous "All About That Bass") contain skinny shaming lyrics.

9 Having a flat butt
10 People saying you'll get blown away by the wind when it's windy

I'm a human, not a kite. It's simply impossible to be blown away on a windy day unless you're a little kid in an inflatable bounce house (and even that's pretty rare). Do the people who say stuff like this not know basic physics? Even I know something about physics compared to them.

That sounds a bit poetic if you ask me.

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11 Having a flat chest

I like having much smaller ones better than before the breast reduction.

12 Fat people thinking you are about to shame them
13 The pain of accidentally bumping into a doorknob or wall

This one should be pretty obvious since skinny people don't have much fat cushioning their bones, which means accidentally bumping into a doorknob or the wall can be really painful for a few seconds. I know this from my experience.

Hitting your funny bone would be the most painful part because of all the bone in your elbows. This is a big disadvantage, especially for those who were born without much fat.

14 Being told that you should be thankful that you are not fat
15 The pain of sitting for too long on hard chairs
16 People assuming that you have no body issues because you're skinny
17 Your pants usually don't have pockets
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