Top Ten Best Male Final Fantasy Characters

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21 Seymour Guado (FFX)

Whats this!? A NON protagonist character? Seymour in my opinion, is a great Antagonist. I mean, he goes about pretending to be all 'Hail Yevon' for the first half of the game, fooling EVERYONE, only to turn around and stab them in the back later on. He's also a fun boss to face, especially the first battle against Anima. If you have rushed through the game until that point, you aren't winning that fight! In the BRIEF time you get to play as him, he's a powerhouse and completely outdoes anything your party can offer at that point. Except perhaps Melee but of course, even then he's stronger than your average Robed character.

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22 Genesis Rhapsodos (FF7)
23 Ace (FF Type-0)
24 Basch (FF12)
25 Reno (FF12)
26 Cid (FF7)
27 Bartz (FF5)
28 Noel Kreiss (FF13 & FF13-2)
29 Vaan (FF12)
30 Shadow (FF6)

Shadow is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He comes and goes like the wind, swearing allegiance to no one. Hidden behind his wintry gaze lies a face known to none who live. He is a loner, an assassin and a mercenary, as his only friend is his dog, Interceptor. Shadow has high Speed and Strength, is skilled at throwing weapons/offensive items and is also assisted in battle by his guard dog. Shadow is haunted by his past as a train robber and memories of his former friend.

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