Top Ten Final Fantasy IV Characters

Final Fantasy IV is an awesome game with a great plot and many great characters.
The Top Ten
1 Kain Highwind

Everyone likes him because he has such a traitorous and honourable personality. Overall, a very powerful attacker with an awesome jump skill; he however lacks any magic. Still, a badass character.

2 Rydia

Rydia hits her mark more as an adult than as a child. She is the best attack mage and has call spells which can inflict the most damage out of a single attack.

3 Edge Geraldine

Gameplay-wise, the best character and my personal favorite. Has great attack power and even some magic spells. His Dart skill can kill anything. A true badass.

4 Cecil Harvey

The main hero of Final Fantasy IV and the one who's always a party member. Undergoes a transition from Dark Knight to Paladin and it's for the better. Very strong in many aspects.

5 Rosa Farrell

Cecil's girlfriend, with average attack but her strength lies in supportive magic. One who doesn't let his man down.

6 Golbez

Although not playable, you gotta admire him not just as a villain, but as a hero as well. When released from his evil mind control he vows to destroy what was controlling him. Very sinister, and he helps Cecil out at the very last battle against that same evil.

7 Yang Fang Leiden

A tank character, one who can dish out damage while taking it as well. No magic, but he doesn't need it. Kick is a great attack skill. Another badass good guy.

8 Rubicante

Another villain, but I have to hand it to him because he ACTUALLY HEALS THE PARTY just before battling them to make things fair. Now that's honor. I wish more villains were like him.

9 Tellah

This old man vows to avenge his daughter.

10 Cid Pollendina
The Contenders
11 Palom
12 Edward Chris von Muir
13 Porom
14 Fusoya
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