Top Ten Manga Series With the Best Artwork

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1 Berserk
2 Vagabond

Captures emotions and swordplay perfectly along with amazing backgrounds.

The details are breathtaking.

3 One Punch Man

Beautiful art especially when it gets to the fights. Yusuke Murata really knows how to draw characters and body structure.

Some of the panels look like a real life picture. Amazing.

4 Bleach

Bleach. I'm sorry, I do prefer DBZ and one piece (it could give naruto a run for its money) and I am fairly new to bleach, BUT the art work in bleach... amazing. you look up "captain aizen" wow. you google "hitsugaya mad" brilliant. bleach's artwork is the best.

I had difficulty getting used to Bleach art style at first, but when I did, I have to say that its art style has become one of the favourites for me. I really like how Tite Kubo design the shikai, bankai, and the tough appearances of the characters.

5 Gantz
6 Naruto

Naruto art style is my second favourite after Dragon Ball, since it's probably the manga with the art style closest to DB I've seen. The anime animation is more beautiful the manga's drawings in my opinion though, and early Naruto has the art style particularly similar to Dragon Ball in my book.

While is might not come off as beautiful to many, the clear cut detail and visuals of both calm, geographic scenery and fight sequences makes it clear what is occurring at all times and perfectly compliments the characters and story line progression.

7 Dragon Ball

I've always loved the simple yet beautiful art style of Dragon Ball. It may look simple but it's actually very detailed and hard to draw correctly if you look at it closely. The character designs are also really lively and unique. And if you notice, normally the anime would look better than the original manga, but for Dragon Ball, the manga art style is just as beautiful and detailed if not even more so than the anime animation.

8 Death Note

It's not one of those series that has tons to draw but the details are still really good.

9 Fairy Tail

At the beginning of Fairy Tail, its drawings looks like a rip-off of One Piece, but over time FT has developed its own style. I have to say that Hiro Mashima has succeeded in creating some of the most beautiful anime characters ever, both males and females. Overall I find its art style really great.

Artwork similar to One Piece, but better. Basically, all the characters are pleasing to look at. Oh, and there's fan-service too.

The art style makes me relaxed.

10 Chainsaw Man
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11 Magi
12 Akira
13 Pita-Ten
14 Kingdom
15 Slam Dunk
16 Vinland Saga

The backgrounds are detailed but interestingly inconspicuous. The way the ships and props are drawn is great.

The details are great and looks realistic.

17 Hunter x Hunter

What the heck is HxH doing in this list? I mean it is great, maybe THE BEST in the mange, but about art? I don't know.

18 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Araki's artwork improved so much since the series started and it's still going. Steel Ball Run and Jojolion are stunning, and I don't even need to mention the fabulous stylistic approach.

Hopefully I didn't offend anyone, but... Jojo's art style is probably the ugliest one I've seen to date.

The character designs are so unique and that's what I love about it.

19 Katekyo Hitman Reborn

This manga has the best drawings ever.

20 Tokyo Ghoul
21 My Hero Academia

The art style is great, especially for drawing any character who looks like Deku. Also, All Might is drawn in a completely different art style, which somehow works!

22 Junji Ito Collection
23 Attack on Titan
24 Claymore
25 Pandora Hearts
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