Top Ten Strongest Prince of Tennis Characters

Hi everyone, in this time I will give us all, the complete list of the strongest Prince of Tennis characters.

As we know, until now on, PoT already has a new second season and also it's OVA. So, the characters are improved.

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1 Echizen Ryoga

For such a young age, he's already competing with powerful players way older than him. His stamina is high for his height - it takes twice as much energy to move around. He also gets stronger as the game progresses and manages to overcome obstacles.

I think Echizen Ryoga could in fact be #1, #2, or #3, or something of that matter. If you look on thenewprinceoftennis.wikia and search 'Echizen Ryoga' under the U-17 stats, he has unknown statistics. Almost every strong character (ex. Byodoin, Oni) has unknown statistics. Plus, Echizen Ryoga could easily return Byodoin's glowing shot, while during Byodoin's encounter with Oni, Oni was barely able to return the ball. This is just my opinion.

2 Yukimura Seiichi

Along the episode, we realized that he is fighting in the match while battling his illness (not completely cured). He fought Echizen three weeks after his surgery. Even without his Yips, he is great enough (he beat Sanada when he broke the Yips). He keeps improving as well until the last episode. I can't wait for him to show more of his power and skill and be fully recovered. I'd like to see a rematch with Echizen and Tezuka.

It's a bit disappointing that the anime doesn't focus much on Yukimura Seiichi. I was just hoping that there was a match between him and Tezuka Kunimitsu, Shiraishi Kuranosuke, or Fuji Syusuke in the anime.

3 Shuji Tanegashima

His ability is to see through the spin of the ball and negate all the special shots. Hmm, so, who can win against Shu? (Except with fast play or orthodox methods.)

I don't think orthodox methods can beat him because he won against Sanada, who uses an orthodox method. But with fast play, maybe he can lose.

4 Echizen Ryoma

He is so powerful. His serve is special, and he has close to equal talent in both hands, allowing him to use both to play ball. This is special, as very few people can do this. His B-shape strike is also powerful.

His stamina is beyond normal, and he can find weaknesses even in Fuji Shusuke's strike retaliation. His aim is exceptional. He developed his own unique, powerful abilities and even got the ball past his father, Nanjiro Echizen, who was once the strongest tennis player in Japan. Ryoma might not be as strong as his brother, but with a two-year gap between them, Ryoma would definitely beat him two years later. Seeing his unique talent is one in a million. This is my opinion.

5 Oni Juujiroh

Even Byodoin can't take a win against Oni. He also trained Tokugawa to become the strongest and best tennis player. (From this, we can call Oni more of a coach.)

6 Houou Byodoin

Byodoin has a strong body and shots like Oni Juujiroh, but he once won against Oni.

7 Tezuka Kunimitsu

His playing style and technique are unquestionable already. He has the most potential out of the characters in the current story arc to be the strongest in the future. I can see where the writer and creator are taking this character.

On a side note, I want another match with him against Ryoma and Byodoin. This will only show the big gap in their skills, knowing Tezuka is currently under the German team and is being mentored by Volk.

Tezuka has lots of abilities. Namely, the Tezuka Zone, Zero-Shiki Drop Shot, Zero-Shiki Serve, and the Tezuka Phantom. Not to mention, he has unlocked all special abilities like "Muga No Kyouchi," "Pinnacle of Hard Work," "Pinnacle of Perfection," and the "Pinnacle of Perfection." No one has ever done that.

8 Fuji Syusuke

He's calm and cool and can handle tough situations even when his eyes are closed. When his eyes open, you know it's about to get serious. He's so cool and yet scary because of how strong he is.

The angel's man! He's too nice though, haha. I love him so much! It breaks my heart when I saw him crying when Tezuka beats him in the match. He's actually very strong in POT and a true enemy for Tezuka.

Fuji is a prodigy player. He has many special shots (hissatsu technique) that can return a ball so the rival can't return it.

9 Kazuya Tokugawa

He is a strong player in many aspects and also has great desire. Aiming to become the best player in Japan, he took a match against Byodoin. In the anime, he has the ability to shoot with ten balls and also his Aurora Serve.

10 Duke Watanabe

Duke doesn't have special abilities like Tokugawa's Black Hole or Byodoin's Destruction. But he has incredible muscular mass for a high schooler (even more than Kawamura and Gin together) and incredible power that could destroy anyone who faces him. Maybe the only player in Japan who can face him in power is Byodoin. If we talk about power and muscles, he could be the number one in Japan.

The Contenders
11 Atobe Keigo

He's the best. And I think the greatest thing about Atobe is that, unlike most other strong players, we haven't seen the limits of his potential. Whether it's Tezuka or Sanada, we've seen them get hurt and injured, limiting their own progress because of it. Atobe, on the other hand, is willing to go to any lengths to win, and his body is able to keep up with him. Also, I'm an Atobe fangirl, so ><

12 Shiraishi Kuranosuke

Shiraishi's play is orthodox in every aspect. That means he uses little energy and time and doesn't make any unnecessary movements. So, I think he can play tennis for a long time because his stamina is conserved. For this reason, I put him in the number nine spot, before Ryoma.

In many matches before, he plays using the gold, arm-coated load on his left arm. What if he plays with that item released?

13 Sanada Genichirou

If I were in POT, this man would be my guy. Definitely. No hesitation (he's my type of guy). He's too strong, and it's kind of weird since how can Ryoma defeat him since he's way too powerful? Oh well, Ryoma is the main character, and I can't say much (ugh, annoying). Perhaps his personality makes me fall in love with him, though. Bye, assalamualaikum.

14 Echizen Nanjirou

Ryoma Echizen has never beaten him, yet he never plays seriously and always goofs around. Though I think he should be at the top.

Too strong to define his strength.

15 Akutsu Jin

Akutsu doesn't like tennis or practice it, but his innate talent makes him a once-in-a-decade prodigy. Just like Byodoin said, in a few years, if he continues playing tennis, he'll become the number one player in Japan.

16 Kintaro Toyama

If this dude is able to tie with Ryoma in a one-point match, he deserves to be one under Ryoma or at least closer to him. He's only one year older, but that's one more year he could have been practicing longer than Ryoma, which is why I'm not placing him higher than Ryoma. I'm not saying age matters, but in this anime, I'd say it does.

Kintaro has so much energy, and he's incredibly agile - even more so than Eiji. He also has excellent eyesight and is able to track Ryoma's balls, no matter the speed. From that one-point match, we see Ryoma putting a lot of force into the ball, which means it's super fast.

17 Akaya Kirihara

Why doesn't anyone vote for him? I think he's strong and was even named the Junior Ace of Rikkaidai.

18 Tachibana Kippei
19 Niou Masaharu
20 Takeshi Momoshiro
21 Bunta Marui

Marui is one of the best players of Rikkai, basically because of his incredible talent in volleys like Tsunawatari. Between better is his rival, Marui grows as a tennis player, like when he created Wonder Castle. Only a few players can beat him.

22 Tsukimitsu Ochi
23 Nanjiro "Samurai" Echizen
24 Lu Xia
25 Sengoku Kiyosumi

He, like Tanegashima, can see through the ball's spin and where it will bounce. That makes it easy for him to return any shot in another direction where his opponent can't react. If we talk about natural skills, he can be one of the strongest players in the country, at the same level as Sanada, Atobe, Tezuka, Fuji, and Ryoma.

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